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Copy of "Becky and The Wheels-And-Brake-Boys

No description

Antonio Rincon

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of "Becky and The Wheels-And-Brake-Boys

Literature Analysis
"Becky and The Wheels-And-Brake-Boys"
By: Luisa Subero
This story takes place in Jamaica, in a neighborhood full of boys with bikes. The time is present time. I think the author chose this setting because he is from Jamaica, so he wanted to make the story relate to him.
Main Characters
Becky : persistent
active girl
wants to have a bike
daring girl
The main conflict in this story is MAN vs. SOCIETY
Becky wants a bike, and she keeps arguing with her mom and grandma about it.
Continues throughout the story until, Becky finally gets her bike.
Becky introduces the problem, which is that she wants a bike.
Becky watches Nat, Aldo, Jimmy, and Ben ride their bikes
Her mother tells her to stop hanging out with the boys and their bikes.
Becky and Shirnette have their first fight
Becky asks her mother once again if she could finally have her dream bike.
Her mother answers NO,
Becky goes outside to ask The Wheels-And-Brake-Boys if they could teach her how to ride a bike.
They just made fun of her and rode away.
Becky goes to the fire station and offers to the head man to sell him her old father's sun helmet.
Rising Action
Becky gets her bike.
Author: James Berry
Becky asks the Wheels-And-Brake-Boys if they could teach her how to ride.
Finally, she and Shirnette learn!
Falling Action
Becky finally rides with The Wheels-And-Brake-Boys, and they accept her.
"That bike took me all over the place" (Page 373)

"My cousin Ben's eyes popped out with envy" (Page 377)
Figurative Language
The bike is a symbol in this story.
You have to be determined and persistent to reach your goals
It doesn't matter if you are a girl or a boy, if you want to do it, do it :)
MAIN Theme
My favorite part of this story was when the fire man gave Becky a bike, because it solved the main conflict of the story, and demonstrated that Becky's mom really helped Becky's dream come true.
My Favorite Part
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