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Kids entertainment in the 1960s

No description

Mackenzie DeMania

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Kids entertainment in the 1960s

Kids Entertainment in the 1960s!
Board Games
The 1960s was a very important time in US history. There were big changes, but even the small things like kids entertainment changed in the 1960s.
Kids Entertainment in the 1960's
In the United States, the 1960's "were a golden era for toys." (Phipps, Paul. "Toys in the 1960s." Retrowaste. . . 3/3/14 . http://www.retrowaste.com/1960s/toys-in-the-1960s/.) Electronic toys were becoming more common because electricity was easier to put into toys. Toys like The-Easy-Bake-Oven were popular in the 60's.
Board Games

In the 1960s, board games in the US were more creative, hands on, and electronic. Many games that were popular in the 1960s are still popular today! Games like Monopoly challenged kids to buy properties without going bankrupt. Games like Operation challenged kids to complete a "surgery" without causing the buzzer to go off. These games taught kids things while they had fun.
Great things happened during the 1960s in the US. There were big changes and small changes, but every one of them made a difference. Think of your life without your favorite TV show, game, or toy! All of the things we have today are somehow tied to the past. We have the children of the 1960s to thank for many of our favorite things.
The children of the United States who lived in the 1960s always looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons. Because black and white TVs weren't as expensive, many families had them. Television was popular very among kids. Now every Saturday, kids sat down to The Flintstones, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and more!
By: Mackenzie DeMania
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