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Who is she?

No description

Julia Bober

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Who is she?

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Plans To:
minimum wage at $12 for future index
No salary increase for Congress until minimum wage was increased
Any trade deal has to produce jobs and raise wages

Hillary Plans To:
Will end college debt with $350 billion
Hillary Plans To:
To rise the American income
Will Lower taxes and control peoples rises
Plans on closing corporate tax loopholes
Creating $12 minimum wage
Fun fact
Her husband was Bill Clinton, the president of America from 1993-2001 .
Bill will be the first first man if Hillary wins the election

Accept thousands of more Syrian refugees
States that "Slamming the door on refugees isn't who we are
Also states that muslims are "peaceful and tolerant"
foreign policy

Hillary Plans To:
Plans to “revise not replace” Obamacare

In The Past
failed to recreate a healthcare system during her Bill Clinton's period of presidency
Who is she?
Born on October 26, 1947 (68)
is an American politician who is now running as a candidate for the 2016 presidency election.
She is also known for being a lawyer, Spokesperson, Author, and a Diplomat
By: Julia
How she will deal with problems as president
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