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Design Analysis and Evaluation of Waddell "A" Truss Bridge

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muhammad syazwi

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Design Analysis and Evaluation of Waddell "A" Truss Bridge

Design Analysis and Evaluation of Waddell "A" Truss Bridge

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Group Members
Bridges are structure which helps people and vehicles to cross obstacles such as ocean or river as well as connecting villages and towns. In earlier times, people crossing over the river by stepping on stones or swimming but with heavy loads it may risk the people. The bridges structure improves as the technology evolves. Early bridges were made from local material such as woods, stones and fibres. Todays, there are many materials that suitable to make bridges. Nevertheless, structures and the materials are the most important criteria to successfully build the bridges.
The Waddell "A" truss bridge is one of only two surviving examples of this truss 2
type identified by the Historic American Engineering Record. Designed and patented by the famous American engineer John Alexander Low Waddell, the "A" truss is a significant type of late 19th century, short-span railroad bridge that used pin- connections to join its major structural members.
Because of its great height, the "A" truss of this type of bridge are great rigidity in all directions, ease and cheapness of erection, and economy of metal when it is compared with structures of other types having equal strength and rigidity.

House of Quality
Concept Design
From the 5 design that is the concept design process, we decided to choose the best 2 concepts from the discussion of all 5 members which is the best design of 2 from all concepts first. Table 4.1 shows the best 2 concepts from our discussion. Figure 4.2 shows the Weighted Decision Matrix (WDM) to compare between these 2 best concepts.
Weighted Decision Matrix
Detailed Drawing
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