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When I Was in Xia Village By Ding Ling

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Enna Kaady

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of When I Was in Xia Village By Ding Ling

When I Was in Xia Village
By Ding Ling

Ding Ling

Father died in 1911, she loved how you mother was independent
1931- Her husband was executed
1932- Joined the communist party
A few years before her death, Ling traveled to the United States; she was a guest at the University of Iowa's International Writing Program.
She died in Beijing in 1986.
China/Japan 1930's

Comfort Women
Young girls and woman were forced into prostitution by Japanese servicemen

1939 reported 1 comfort woman to every 100 soldiers

Each woman saw on average 5 soldiers a day

Women became sterile from repeated rapes, many became pregnant or infected with STD's. Some were given an antibiotic that would make their bodies swell and induce abortion.
Current Day
Nationwide, between 15% and 20% of men admit having paid for sex at least once.

The estimated revenue worldwide is more than $32 billion a year.

Safe Harbor Act: Means you get treated as a victim not a criminal

Victims of sex trafficking come from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and of all races and ethnicities.

The top method for luring new girls into the sex trade is to use other children to recruit them

Originally wrote short stories on young unconventional Chinese Women

1930-Distinct change in her writing
Leftist literature

1951- She was awarded the Soviet Union's Stalin second prize for Literature.

She authored more than three hundred works.
Comfort Station
Estimated 400 comfort stations

A place where a soldier could pay a fee, obtain a ticket and maybe a condom and proceed to a woman's room

Designed to: increase morale of the troops, prevent the spread of STD's prevent leakage of military secrets


Oregon & Sex Trafficing

Fighting for Justice
1990, almost 40 women’s groups in Korea petitioned the Japanese government to admit that women were forced to be comfort women; to publicly apologize with full disclosure; to raise a memorial to honor those forced into sexual slavery and to serve as a reminder; and to provide monetary reparations and record these facts to be included in historical curricular education. The government denied allegations.

In 1991, three former Korean comfort women filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government.

In 1992 a Japanese history professor found documents that proved that the Japanese military forces had operated ‘comfort stations’. These findings were published in various newspapers and the government admitted its involvement.

In 1997 the 105th Congress drafted and submitted a resolution ordering the Government of Japan to formally issue an apology for its war crimes and immediately pay reparations to victims.
Cult of Mao
Cultural Revolution
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