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Creating Independent Learners

No description

Year3 Academy

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Creating Independent Learners

We are looking at ways to develop more independent learners.

We have noticed that in our classes although we set out independent challenges children are still quick to ask an adult for guidance. We feel this is due to children wanting that assurance they are doing the right thing.
We set out to record the children's questions using a simple tally to count their questions.

We will record the amount of questions the children ask us once a week and see if our responses will allow them to commit themselves to the pit and struggle successfully.
Phase 1
To start our project we had a teaching assistant count how many questions adults were asked something regarding the work. We were to respond to their questions in our usual way so we had a number to start from.
Phase 2
Over the next few weeks we will adapt our responses using blooms taxonomy to reverse the question to child. Not unlike a coaching style.
Results so far...
Year 4 Class

Week 1 - 18
Week 2 - 12
Week 3 - 12
Week 4
Week 5

Results so far...
Year 3 Class

Week 1 - 22
Week 2 - 17
Week 3 - 19
Week 4
Week 5

Due to time restraints this research will be ongoing where we hope to use a control group to compare how the children are growing with their independence.
Creating Independent Learners
Alison, Debbie and John
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