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The Road To My Dreams

No description

kia robinson

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of The Road To My Dreams

Biggest Dream
I want to become a nurse
A pediatrician
This requires a BD/ BSN or ADN
One test i would have to take NCLEX-RN
Annual salary ranges from $100,000-200,000 depending what you are
However i would be fine with working in the emergency room, setting up appointments etc.
As long as i am helping people and making a difference in their lives
Military Dream
I want to serve in the United States Air Force
Annual salary for basic enlistment: $17,892
I have already taken the ASVAB and have scored high enough to have a great job
While training i would take classes to become a nurse
This is more practical because i can go straight from high school into the Air Force
Other Dreams
It is my dream to be married and start a family
To own a house, and two cars
To be financially stable
The Road To My Dreams
Kia Robinson
Who Am I?
My name is Kia Robinson. I was born in Sacramento, CA on January 1st, 1997. I am a senior currently attending Harker Heights High School. I am a outgoing and passionate person. Also funny.
Live Life To The Fullest
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