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The Red Scare & Blacklists

A project created by Mike, Prisilla, Sasha, and Mecca of Science Leadership Academy.

Mecca Sharrieff

on 12 April 2012

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Transcript of The Red Scare & Blacklists

Conclusion The Crucible Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Red Scare - A time period in which many felt that the government would be taken over by forgieners/communists.

Blacklist - A social exclusion; Often, someone who is blacklisted is no longer considered as human or worth acknowledgement.

Summary of The Crucible:
A bunch of girls were caught naked dancing in the woods of Reverend Paris. To spare themselves they lie that they were possessed by witchs.
Main Points The Red Scare and Blacklists and The Crucible Connections Thereby, the Red Scare and Blacklists were used in favor of communism. Although there were two Red Scares throughout the 1920's -1940's, the govenrment did not see it as what it was, a revolution. Also, a threat to society and specifically the people who might have "looked" suspicious. The government spent too much time dealing with the above and trying to protect itself, that the humanswere indeed an outcast. Some with no jobs and others doing something about the Red Scare and blacklists. - Hysteria and fear
Allegedly allegory
Author Miller's life
Men and Women were treated as outcast Topic: Red Scare and Blacklist What to learn - What the 2 words mean
-The connections to The Crucible
-Why we should know them

People put on Blacklist.
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