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Lifelong Fitness

No description

Stephanie Tran

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Lifelong Fitness

Lifelong Fitness
Kimberly Ngo
Yareli Salas
Nishrat Khan
Rosa Lopez
Tatiana Medrano
Norman Esguerra
Javier A. Guevara
Stephanie Tran
less carbs
fat substitutions
45 minutes of physical activity each day
free time
fun time
"You are your own cheerleader."
Time for a challenge!
"Find your happiness."
"Don't do it for others, do it for yourself."
Weight: 215-220
Weight: 190
How is Lifelong Fitness Attained?
Love, support, and happiness.
2. Build your
3. Find your
-Portion Control
-Calorie Watching
-Less Processed Foods
-Senior PE
-Free Time & FRIENDS

Before: 200 lbs.
After: 165 lbs.
Calorie watch
Healthier options
Portion control
Less fattening and oily foods
Aerobic workouts
Walks around the block
You are NOT alone. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you. Your friends and family are your motivators. They make you want to be better and they help you succeed. Period 3 Aerobics, every year, is a family that is helping you reach a goal.
-Eliminated bread, tortillas, pasta, junk foods, and fats
-Zumba, step, spinning, running, and weights

Weight: 172lbs
Weight: 114
"Don't change to impress others; do it for yourself and your health."
"In the end, it's you who is going to see and feel the results."
Before: 225 lbs
After: 195 lbs
Potion Control
Calorie Counting
Drinking More Water/Tea
Cutting Out Meat
Swapping Junk Food for
Healthier Alternatives
Cutting Out Simple Carbs
(ex: White Bread, white rice)
Home Workout Routine
(found on instagram or tumblr)
Excercising During Commercials

Make small, achievable goals to reach your ultimate goal. This makes things much easier to reach and encourages you to continue.

Surround yourself with people that are motivated and try everyday. When you surround yourself with people that don't try, they bring you down.

Make physical activity fun. You can make competitions between friends, walk around the mall, swim; whatever you do, enjoy yourself.

Most importantly, try your best. You
might not achieve every single goal,
but don't give up and let your effort go
to waste.

Those who care about you want to see you succeed.
The real reason behind my success is HAPPINESS!
Look at me and listen.
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