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Factors Affecting Investment Choices

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Daniel Tan

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of Factors Affecting Investment Choices

Factors That Affect Investment Choices

ISO FLIP Project

By: Daniel Tan, 3.17 Introduction What is Investment?

- Investment is the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments or other assets, to gain profitable returns in many forms, such as interest, income, or appreciation of the value of the instrument.

- It is the act of investing where one will lay out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit or gain in capital.

- There are factors that affect investment decisions. These decisions will affect whether you can increase the return on the investment and also to keep the risk at a low level.

Overview Many factors that affect investment choices

- Personal: Wealth, capital, gender, age, expectations and habits, family and environment

- Other factors: Rate of return, inflation, liquidity, tax benefits, frequency of return

-A person’s investment decisions depend on his or her various attributes
Aims and Objectives - To investigate the different views of people on factors affecting investment choices

- To investigate these factors and find out how they affect investment choices
Research Methodology - A survey will be given out to investigate the views of the public towards how investment choices can be affected by various factors

- Questions: Profession, gender, marital status, views on investments or financial literacy

- Data can be analyzed using a table drawn up to compare results
Target Audience - Friends and classmates
- Family members
- Interested public*
(may not be an easy attempt due to people not revealing personal information)
Survey Data - Of the 50 people I had gave a survey to, 33 are female and 17 are male.

- Most of the 50 people were working aged 30 and above, while a smaller part were students aged 16 and below.

- Most people view investment as a way to get returns if done carefully and understand the risks taken.

- Most people invest in stocks, currency, property, insurance, fixed deposits, while some have not invested yet (mostly students)

- These are some factors that people feel would affect investment choices mainly:

1. Initial capital
2. Rate of return
3. Inflation
4. Expectations

- Most people that I had interviewed believed that a person’s investment decisions depend on his or her various attributes
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