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The Coca-Cola Company

No description

Annika Fechner

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of The Coca-Cola Company

Content: 1. facts
2. development
3. reasons for the
economic boost
4. side effects
4.1 health
4.2 water
4.3 packaging
5. working conditions
5.1 Coca-Cola website
5.2 Coca-Cola Case
6. impact on society facts reasons for the economic boost development side effects Health working conditions impact on society Packaging - 1886 invention of the Coca-Cola syrup
as a medical product by
John Pemberton
- 1888 foundation of the company
- 1895 expansion to most U.S. states
medical syrup turned into a beverage
- 1920`s expansion to Europe
- 1939-45 "support" of the
American Armed Forces during WW II
company started to run the
global market as the first
global player - from beginning on, company promoted their
products with attractive advertisement and
- 1888 CEO of the company offered free
equipment with the Coca-Cola logo on it to
- 1900`s Coca-Cola became a saved trade mark
- 1916 creation of the authentic bottle
- expansion to Canada, Panama, Puerto Rico,
Cuba, France, Germany and others
- 1928 support of the Olympic Games in Amsterdam
- after WW II, Coca-Cola became a metaphor for the
American Way of Life
- 1960-80`s most important period of expansion
took place
- 1981, 163 countries were selling Coke
- creation of new brands
- 2000`s reaction to the increasing global market by
creating special beverages for certain territories
today, company is worth 58 billion $ Water 5.2 The Coca-Cola Case

- "Killer Coke"
- since 2002, 470 unionists were killed
in Columbia and other Latin American countries
- Columbian botteling enterprise hired
paramilitary organizations to kill them
- shot, tortured, kidnapped, imprisoned unionists
and abducted their families
- tried to improve inhuman
working conditions on the plants and
in the factories
- law, foreign workers, working for a U.S. company are allowed
to bring a lawsuit to an American court
- coke, not allowed to control franchise companies
after protests (also in the U.S.), killing temporary stopped
- finally Coke agreed to pay for the botherings THANK YOU FOR LISTENING ! - sells 1,7 billion servings of beverages a day
- headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia
- more than 500 brands and more than 3500
- in more than 200 countries available

Mission : "At the Coca Cola Company we strive
to refresh the world, inspire moments of
optimism and happiness, create value and
make a difference." sources www.thecoca-colacompany.com/
http://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/The-Coca-Cola-Company-Salaries-E160.htm 5.1 The Coca Cola Company Website

- against child labour, forced labour,
discrimination and long working hours
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