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Election Prezi

Top Secret Don't Look

Matthew Chin

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of Election Prezi

But look at the bright side of this picture! Vote Matthew For P.M. And Danny For Premier "We will make a difference for the school.
We will help the school with every gram of energy.
And when our bodies give out we work with our Hearts!
We will make a difference. We shall do this by putting more teachers out on the school yard to prevent any sort of bullying.

We believe that students should have more Hands-on work especially in science and health.
We also believe that students will get bored if they do too much paper work and nothing eductional is
getting through. But with Hands-on work like experiments in class, they can be fun and educational. We need a REAL P.M.
And a REAL Premier But those aren't the only problems... Oh No! Oh No! Oh No! Oh No! Oh No! There are other problems like eco-friendliness
and healthier snacks and lunches. Like my mother always said,
"go get gold or go get a ride home"
or was it "go big or go home".
I forget. Anyway, we need to get the
gold eco status to truly be
Eco! But we can't get fixated on the small things and waste our money on them. It's the big things that should be dealt with first. The big problems are the ones that change the school, staff and the students in ways that hurt us, the environment or anybody/anything else. They have lingering effects for the worse.
They are the ones that we don't want.
They are the big problems. Together we can make a difference. Vote and save your school. But it's your school.
Make the choice.
For the better.
Not the worse. ote
& Danny But will you? Growing kids should especially eat
healthier because their young bodies need the nutrition to grow.
If they eat junk food then they will
become obese at a young age.
Obesity leads to long-term diseases like heart diseases and diabetes.

If Kids Kitchen can offer healthier
lunches, then it would be easier to
get kids to eat healthier. There are people out there, ready! I, Matthew
will put myself
in your shoes to
better understand
any and every problem.
Even if you're a girl.
No offense. Your choice" Oh my pie! Do you even
have Pie!? TOO BRIGHT! Political
Party Matthew

TM PREZI BY: M.C. Matthew Danny www.politicalpeoplez.webs.com Of course I do!
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