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TD 301: Intro to Theatre

No description

Rudy Ramirez

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of TD 301: Intro to Theatre

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
The penalty for academic dishonesty
with no points for the assignment in question and an additional subtraction of 100 points from your grade.
Penalties can be as severe as suspension or expulsion from the University.

Diversity and Course Content
We all come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and we will be talking about controversial issues in and pieces of theatre.
Our goal is to learn from one another. Express your opinions with civility and mutual respect for your fellow classmates.
No student will be excused from reading or attending a play based on its content.
Students who are concerned about the content of the course or their ability to complete assignments should speak to the instructor BEFORE the 12th class day.
EVEN MORE Classroom and UT Policies
More Classroom and UT Policies
You are responsible for reading your email for course information and announcements.
When emailing the instructor or TAs, always include
TD 301 in the subject line
your name and UTEID in the email
you contact us.
Please allow 48 Hours for us to get back to you.
Obey the 24/7 Rule.
Questions for the semester:
Does theatre matter?
How can people make theatre that matters?
What can theatre do that other art forms can't?
To answer these questions we will:
Examine how theatre is brought into the public arena (acting, design etc).
Research the history and impact of diverse forms and perspectives of theatre.
Apply a mindset of critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving to these subjects.
Classroom and UT Policies
Attendance and Participation
Attendance is mandatory, but we're not checking.
There will be periodic extra credit "check-in" exercises for people who come regularly to class.
Participation is encouraged: ask questions, voice ideas, etc.
Please do not disturb others in class.
No talking (You can IM, pass notes)
Email/Facebook online stuff is fine UNLESS it is disturbing others.
Do not do the "putting things away, zipping up backpack" thing until class is dismissed.
I really hate that.
If you miss notes, you must get them from your
Note Buddies.
Grades and Grading
Seven quizzes, six will be counted (you can miss one or we will drop your lowest)
Will cover material in lecture and in readings
reading due that day in class.
You must bring
a #2 pencil
In-class Midterm March 11th covering all lecture and reading material leading up to the Midterm.
In-class final May 8th covering all lecture and reading material after Spring Break.
You must bring
a #2 pencil and your official UT ID
Exams and quizzes may only be retaken outside of class if absences are EXCUSED (documentation needed).
Writing Assignments
This is the Writing Flag version of TD 301.
You will be asked to bring Rough Drafts of the two major writing assignments to class for a
mandatory, graded
peer review.
You will be expected to read and respond to your peers work.
The Basics
TD 301: Intro to Theatre
MWF 8am-9am, CLA 0.102

Rudy Ramirez
PhD candidate in Performance as Public Practice
Director, Writer and Performer
Associate Artistic Director, The VORTEX Repertory Company
Office Hours: Wed 9-10am or by appointment, WIN B.128 (NEXT WEEK)
Jess O'Rear
MA student in Performance as Public Practice
Actor, Performance Artist
Office Hours: Wed 11am-12pm, WIN B.118 (NEXT WEEK)
Gaby Randle
MA student in Performance as Public Practice
Office Hours: Mon 9-10am, Texas Expresso
Please Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves
You are required to see SIX live performances this semester:
, Jan 16th-Feb 7th (details next slide)
, Feb 12th-15th
Tickets for Refugia are now onsale. It will sell out fast, so
(see syllabus for link).
No, for real.
Enter a Woman, Pretty Enough
, Mar 26th-April 3rd
Admission is FREE, but there will be a limited number of online reservations: will let you know ASAP when available.
Any two performances of The Cohen New Works Festival, Apr 13th-17th
Admission is FREE, with limited online reservations.
I Like Like You
, Apr 16th-26th
Performances will be arranged for our class on Apr 21st and 23rd, time and location TBA

Required Performances
If you have questions, concerns or burning, seething, Hulk-smash rage about a grade you have received, please follow The 24/7 Rule:
Wait 24 hours
after you have received this grade to email your TA.
Be polite
in your email.
give us 7 days
to address the problem with your grade.
Grades may be contested up to TWO WEEKS after an assignment has been handed back to you.
In the case of essays, you are required to hand back the original essay with cover sheet.
If I choose to re-grade your paper, it is entirely possible that I will LOWER your grade.
The 24/7 Rule
MWF 8am-8:50am, CLA 0.102
Required Text:
Creative Spirit
, 6th Edition, available at University Co-op or online
Additional texts will be posted on Canvas: https://utexas.instructure.com
Instructor: Rudy Ramirez
TAs: Jess O'Rear and Gaby Randle
Grading groups assigned next week
Writing Assignments
First performance essay on
(Rough Draft due in class February 25th, Final Draft due in class March 2nd)
Second performance essay on
Enter a Woman
(Rough draft due in class April 10th, Final Draft due April 22nd)
Applied Theatre Research Post on Canvas (due online April 29th, response to another post due online May 4th)

Final drafts are due in class at 8am (8:01am is late).
Late papers are docked 50%.
You can email essays to your TA if things go haywire but you
MUST hand in a hard copy NO LATER THAN 48 HOURS after it is due
or it will not be accepted.
Papers more than 24 hours late will not be accepted.

Not Falling Asleep During Class and BEYOND!
aka Goals for the Semester
The Return of the Son of the Revenge of Classroom and UT Policies (This Time It's PERSONAL!)

Documented Disability Statement:
The University of Texas at Austin provides, upon request, appropriate academic accommodations for qualified students with disabilities.
It is the responsibility of the student to bring the instructor their accommodations letter within the first two weeks of class.
Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL): If you are concerned about someone who is acting differently, you may use the Behavior Concerns Advice Line (more info in the syllabus).
Emergency Evacuation Policy
Familiarize yourself with entrances and exits
If you require assistance to evacuate, inform the Instructor in writing during the first week of class.
Follow our instructions.
Read through syllabus on Blackboard (will be on Quiz #1).
Acquire The Creative Spirit (6th Edition)
Read Chapter 1 (will be on Quiz #1)
Quiz #1 will take place ONE WEEK FROM FRIDAY, January 30th
Get tickets to
returns to The VORTEX
First Performance: Changelings
Written by Reina Hardy, UT MFA Class of 2014
You are
to fill out a Performance Review Questionnaire
PDF and Word versions available in Files section of Canvas
Due in class Mon, Feb 9th
; will discuss Wed, Feb 11th
fill out DURING the show
; take notes or fill out during intermission and after show is over.
Designed to prepare you for performance essays
The VORTEX Theater
2307 Manor Rd
Walkable from East Campus bus stop
Running Thurs-Sun at 8pm
Closing Feb 7th
Tickets are $10 for students
2-for-1 Tickets Thursday and Sunday
with 2 non-perishable food items
10 FREE Tickets given out every
night at 7pm at the Box Office
Welcome to the New Work Semester
Austin is considered a national new theatre hub.
UT Theatre and Dance department known for New Works focus
Playwriting MFA Program with Michener Center
The Cohen New Works Festival
I have directed more than 10 new plays since I began directing in Austin in 2007.
Of the 6 plays you will see this semester, 5 are world premieres

You, Too Can Make New Work!
Auditions are coming up this weekend for The Cohen New Works Festival
21 shows are looking for performers
including my show, Emma When You Need Her
more than 70 roles available
Acting and Dancing/Movement Auditions
Auditions are Saturday
Acting 10am-2pm
Dance 2pm
Callbacks on Sunday 10am-5pm
Bring resume, photograph and one minute monologue
Sign up at http://sites.utexas.edu/new-works-festival/auditions/
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