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Cultural Studies of Stuart Hall

No description

Mariana Rivera

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Cultural Studies of Stuart Hall

Cultural Studies VS Media Studies: Ideological Difference
Hegemony: Marxism Without Guarantee
Corporate Control over Mass Communication
Cultural Factors that affect the Selection of News
Source of news
Democratic process
An Obstinate audience
1. Operating inside the dominate code.
2. Applying a negotiable code.
3. Substituting an oppositional code.
Making Meaning through Discourse
"Words don't mean; people mean."
Cultural Studies of Stuart Hall
by Mariana Rivera & Yaunica Warren

Media studies-
the study that deals with the content, history and effects of various media; in particular, the "mass media".

Culture studies
is the power media has to present an ideology to influence culture

Vast majority of information we receive is produced and distributed by corporations at least in the U.S.
Activity: Look at the Example at the end of page 347 tell us where do you see each audience in
Your judgment will depend on your ideology.
He didnt offer specific remedies for the problems he identified
Hall's most positive contribution to mass communication study is his constant reminder that it's furtile to talk about meaning without coindersing power at the same time.
Source 1
Summary of source one
Source 2
Summuary of source 2
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