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The Cold War Ends

Iran Contra Affair Included

Korbyn Dubois

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of The Cold War Ends

The Cold War Ends He recognized the Chinese Nationalists, so he helped them grow stronger by providing them weapons and support This was the start of easing the tensions between China and the United States President Nixon did not recognize the communist government in China Nixon then visited the People's Republic of China in 1972 This made more trade between the powerful nations. It also led to the signing of SALT II treaty in 1979 under Carter. This process of relieving tensions was known as détente Nixon then continued on to visit the Soviet Union for the first time since the Cold War started Détente was working fine for many years after that. It stopped working when... Because of this, President Carter nullified the treaty limiting nuclear weapons The Soviet troops went to Afghanistan to help a government like their own The United States had troops there for ten years and the Soviet Union lost many soldiers The war became so expensive that the Soviet Union retreated. This eventually led to the fall of this country. President Reagan came to office and made it known that he was fully against the Soviet Union and it's "Evil Empire" To act on this, he increased our military spending so that we could face the Soviets with strength He also attempted to destroy Soviet missiles from space. This was nicknamed "Star Wars." It never was completed The Soviet Union was failing because of their "command economy" To help the economic troubles in the Soviet Union, Gorbachev knew that he had to fix the problems with the United States first The Reykjavik Summit took place between the Reagan and Gorbachev in 1986. They agreed to be open and honest about their missile use. Why Communism was Failing: People were denied many basic rights The government could not control the demands of people who wanted reforms The Soviet Union was too busy to restrain the protests This was the collapse of the Soviet Union They revolted against Gorbachev and he later resigned The Soviet Union then split into 15 new nations New parties were made to combat the Communists. They tried to get Gorbachev out of office. In the Soviet Union people hated Moscow because that was where the decisions were made about the government The USA and Western European Nations gave help to Russia the other nations that were formed by the breakup of the Soviet Union Doing this, the US hoped to see democratic governments formed and see the new nations become prosperous In changing to a free enterprise system, many hardships were brought to the surface Crime and corruption grew and many Russians worried that democracy could not solve their problems The Cold War Affected American Life Many Americans fought in the numerous wars, but did not return Americans disagreed about wars and foreign policies. Students were cautious and practiced drills in case of bombings In the end the people of the world valued their freedom, even more then in the beginning. Americans spent 6 trillion dollars on supplies for defense. They needed to protect themselves from new dangers such as nuclear weapons Iran-Contra Affair National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane sought for President Reagan's approval to sell the Iranians weapons even though there was an embargo that prevented the U.S. from selling weapons. He argued that it would improve our relationship with Iran. However, President Ronald Reagan had another reason. Reagan felt it was his duty to get the seven American hostages, being held in Lebanon, home. Reagan's administration, without the approval of Congress, did decide to sell weapons to Iran. Weapons Sold:
August 1985 to October 1986

2512 TOW anti-tank missiles
18 Hawk anti-aircraft missiles
Over 240 Hawk spare parts A democratic Congress discovered this information and cut off military aid to the Contras. Many US government officials are charged. In Nicaragua they were being trained to undermine the Marxist that took power in 1979. Working through the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States trained Nicaraguan guerrillas, known as "contras" which means "counterrevolutionary". This was a violation of the American Neutrality Laws. Part Two What is the Iran-Contra Affair? There are two parts. Part One With the profits from the weapons sold President Reagan helped support the Contras. The Discovery The Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa exposed what happened on November 3, 1986. President of the United States
It is unclear what his involvement was
Had to appear in court Three hostages were eventually released. President Reagan's approval rating increases to one of the highest approval ratings giving him the nickname "Teflon President". All involved were eventually pardoned by George Bush. Part Two Ronald Reagan In 1985, Iran made a secret request to buy weapons from the United States. To help fix this, Mikhail Gorbachev was the next leader. He encouraged speaking out, even if it was to criticize the government. Policy of Glasnost increased openness and transparency in government institutions Perestroika is the political movement for reformation in the Communist Party of the USSR Nixon's Policies Another War... The Soviet Union Starts to
Change Fall of the Soviet Union Reagan Takes Charge
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