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F.D.R. Presidency during WWII

No description

Grant Loftin

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of F.D.R. Presidency during WWII

F.D.R. Presidency During WWII Thesis Statement President Roosevelt was the longest sitting president and was responsible for bringing the United States out of the Great Depression, as well as helping the United States win World War II. World War II begins German troops begin to move East
Hitler invades Poland on 1 September 1939
Invasion directly violated the Treaty of Versailles
Great Britain and France sent Hitler an ultimatum
France and Great Britain declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939 F.D.R. as a Wartime President The United States declared neutrality on 5 September 1939
President Roosevelt wanted to focus on the economy
Lend Lease Program created
Japan attacked the United States on 7 December 1941
Roosevelt addressed Congress on 8 December 1941 First and Second War Powers Act Economics during the War Factories were being built across the nation including weapons and tanks
Steel mills and airplane industry reached record output
Airplane industry was largest single manufacturing industry in the world Cost of War Cost of war totaled nearly $300 billion
Funding for the war through:
War Bonds
War Loans F.D.R. as World Political Leader Atlantic Charter - US to provide supplies (Churchill)
Yalta Conference - Allied Powers meeting
Atomic Bomb - authorized research F.D.R.'s Death On April 12, 1945 President Roosevelt was in Warm Springs, Georgia
- signing documents
-suddenly slumped in his chair
Suffered fatal cerebral hemorrhage
Buried in his garden at Hyde Park, New York Gave the president full authority to reorganize the government and run the war
Allowed censorship on American businesses and people
Created many agencies such as Office of Defense Transportation and Office of Scientific Research and Development
Gave the government authority to intern Japanese Americans
President Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the
United States. He worked hard to bring the country out of the Great Depression. During World War II he did his best to stay neutral until the United States was attacked by Japan. After the United States joined the war, he authorized research into the Atomic Bomb and controlled the everyday lives of the American people. He led the country well and was a major factor in the United States winning World War II. Conclusion
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