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Among The Hidden Alejandra



on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Among The Hidden Alejandra

Among The Hidden
Luke's letter to Jen

Dear Jen,
I wouldn't like you to go to the rally because you could die.Maybe you could get a fake ID. And also you are young to die. If you go please don't drag me but i still want you to stay.

Luke´s Journal
Hi my name is Luke, I am 12 years old. I am one of the third children. I can sometimes be a scary cat. I have practically have been hidden in side my house for my whole life. I did not go to the rally with my friend Jen because I was scared to die this is how it all started...
I was ones a hidden kid that lived in a big farm with really big trees. I could go outside and play because nobody could see me, but something horrible happened something really bad. Then I knew that they were building houses for the barrens. Suddenly the trees were destroyed and houses where build. I couldn't get out anymore I had to stay in my house. Maybe you are wondering why people cant now I exist well only my family. There is this law that is that what ever person that has a third kid the population population police would kill that kid that's why I have to hide. Well one day I saw a face picking out of a window from one of the barons house. Then i decided to go check out. That's how I met Jen.
Pictures and Photos
Jens letter to Luke

Dear Luke,
I will go to the rally. I have to have hope. Don´t worry about me. And i won´t get a fake ID I want to get out of hiding with my name with my ID. If you don´t want to come it´s ok I can´t drag you.

Among the Hidden
By: Alejandra
I think that there should be third children in the world. Why aren't they aloud in the world. I hate this law. There is enough food for everyone in the world the barons are taking all of the food. The worst thing of all of this is that i have to hide the only friend that I have is dead now. I have to fight for my liberty now that my friend that was fighting for her liberty is dead. No but if I do that I can die.
The End
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