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Copy of RAFT Writing for 7th and 8th Grade

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Sara Galbraith

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of RAFT Writing for 7th and 8th Grade

RAFT Writing Example:

Your school was granted money to buy new technology for classrooms. The principal suggested buying laptops, and the student council proposed buying iPads.

Choose one of these two suggestions for spending the technology grant money. Then write a persuasive essay expressing which idea is best and why. Include a description of how the technology would be used and how it would benefit students. What is RAFT writing?? R stands for ROLE Notes: This could be yourself or someone or something else. A stands for AUDIENCE Notes: This is who will be reading your piece Who is the audience in this example?

You are a high school student presenting a speech to a group of middle school students about the importance of doing homework. F stands for FORMAT Notes: This is how your writing is organized. What is the FORMAT in this example? T stands for TOPIC. Notes: The topic is what the writing is about. You write the topic and question that goes with it. What is the TOPIC in this example?

You are a leaf explaining to the sun what you like about photosynthesis. As a fish, write a magazine article for Field and Stream, describing the influence of a factory along the river What is the ROLE in this example?

You are an alien from Mars telling an astronaut who landed on your planet all about your life there. R.A.F.T. it This could be an email, a list, an advertisement, or a story. The writing should include anything that the reader might want to have answered. You need to know something about the role you're writing from.
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