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Football Stats

No description

Lady Natasha Fines

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Football Stats

Best Quarter Back
Cities to have hosted the most Super Bowls
Best Team
What Company Makes the Superbowl Trophy?
Tiffany & Co
How Many People In The U.S. Take The Monday After Super Bowl Off?
Football Stats
Presented to you by:

What Roman Numerals will be used for the 2015 game and how would one write it?
7 pounds made out of sterling silver
Time to Make
72 man hours
1.5 million expected to call off ‘sick’ after Super Bowl.
4.4 million people are expected to show up late for work, according to researchers.
Statistically the #1 QB this year is Peyton Manning
Both Miami and New Orleans have hosted 10 Super Bowl games each. The climates are considered to be the best at the time the game occurs and it is said to be the easier cities to travel to. They are also popular tourist vacation cities that bring in may different vacationers because of there added party life. Making these two cities favorite locations for past, present and future Super Bowls.
Seattle Seahawks with 398 total offensive yards and holding their opponents to 255 yards defensively. Out scoring Green Bay 36-16. The majority of the team they had when winning last years Super Bowl are still currently with the team making them a power house team. Most players are considered to be at their prime within the sport. This rates them as #1 in at least 3 different sites including NFL.COM and ESPN.COM
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Since the first Super Bowl in 1967 Tiffany& Co has been producing the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy.
How did the roman numerals get involved in the super bowl?
The Idea is credited to the late Lamar Hunt. Hunt was the owner of the Cheifs and one of the modern Godfather's of the NFL. According to historian Bob Moore, using the fancy numbering gave the game more importance. Lamar Hunt is also given credit for naming the Super Bowl.
The NFL plans to drop the roman numerals for Super Bowl 50. The reasoning is concern over using sole "L" for the logo.
How did the roman numerals get involved in the Super Bowl.
Lady Natasha Fines
David Shearin
Albert Joseph
Jeanette Padilla
How Much Do Advertising Agencies Pay To Have Their Commercial Aired During The Super Bowl Game?
Sex Appeal
Cute Animals
Did you know?
Super Bowl commercials reach about 100 million people per year!
How Much?
At the Beginning of Super Bowl history (1967) the game was treated as every other game. Companies bought commercials for equivalent to $505,000 in today's money. Nowadays, companies spend more than $3,500,000 for 30 seconds of frame. The two most famous commercials in the beginning of the Super Bowl history were the Camal Cigarettes and Gillette Razors commercials in 1969.
The Rising Costs of Super Bowl Ads in Charts $$$
Why Advertise @ the Super Bowl?

Higher Chance of the commercials going viral (Youtube) which becomes fast advertisement!
Is it Worth it???
Due to the critical mass of viewers who watch the game yearly, airing a commercial during the Super Bowl can prove to be valuable for advertisers seeing an audience for their products and services.
At $3.1 million per 30 seconds, this love letter to Motor City and the American car industry starred Detroit's own Eminem and ran for just over two minutes during Super Bowl 2011. The company spent $12.4 million on airtime alone during the big game.
Prior to Monday’s anticipated calloffs, U.S. companies were estimated to see a $1.28 billion decline in productivity due to wasted time during the five-day work week leading up to Super Bowl weekend, according to data & calculations by Challenger, Gray & Christmas.
That figure takes into account average employment and wage figures to estimate that American employers lost $257 million for every 10 minutes that employees spent talking about the Super Bowl rather than working.

By breaking single season records in both passing yards with 5,477 yards and passing touch downs at 55 and leading Denver Broncos to the most offensive points scored in league history with a total of 606pts in a season. At 494 career touch downs in sixteen years, he is 15 passing touch downs away from holding the record for most career touch downs by any NFL Quarter Back. He is rated #1 by NFL.COM
For the first time since the fourth Super Bowl, no Roman numerals will be affixed to the 50th Super Bowl.

The NFL has released the logo for Super Bowl 50, which will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016, and the logo uses the Arabic numeral 50, rather than the Roman numeral L. Roman numerals have been used since Super Bowl V.
NFL won't use Roman numerals for Super Bowl 50!!!!
This will only be a one-time, one-year change away from using Roman numerals.

The NFL will return to Roman numerals for Super Bowl LI, slated for February 2017 at Reliant Stadium in Houston
What food is ordered or bought the most for Super Bowl parties ?
More than 1.23 billion wing portions are consumed during Super Bowl weekend, pizza franchises sell twice as many pizza pies on Super Bowl Sunday than they do any other day, 14 billion hamburgers are served throughout the country on Super Bowl weekend, 48 million Americans will order takeout or delivery food, as reported by the National Restaurant Association, and Dominos states that they deliver 11 million pizzas on game day.
Snacks are a big part of Super Bowl Sunday and the numbers are shocking! People around the country go through 11 million pounds of chips, 4 million pounds of pretzels, 2.4 million pounds of nuts, and 3.8 million pounds of popcorn are consumed on Super Bowl. And that's not all--they consume 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips and 11.2 million pounds of potato chips.
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Super Bowl Sunday is all about food consumption. The USDA states that game day is the second highest day for eating, second only to Thanksgiving. According to the Calorie Control Council and the Snack Food Association, the average football fan will eat 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat from the snacks on game day
Yup that's the bean dip kicken in...
Okay Now Let's Play Trivia!!!
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