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Challenger Behavior Management

Meeting at the District Office

Evan Moore

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Challenger Behavior Management

Challenger Discipline
2011-2012 PRIME Time Character Points Preparing Responsible Individuals to Meet Expectations What is PRIME Time? (After School Detention) Why have PRIME Time? Establish same high behavioral expectations in each classroom.
Create a safe, productive environment where learning is the priority.
Provides effective consequence that gives students opportunity to reflect on their choices and decide how to change their behavior to meet school expectations Which behaviors earn a PRIME Time? Automatic PRIME Time
electronic devices
unauthorized location
inappropriate contact Teacher's Discretion Disrespecting a peer/adult
Disrespecting property
Innapropriate response
Defiance When is PRIME Time? Four days per week (Monday-Thursday)
3:50 pm - 4:50 pm Teacher Responsibilities Student Responsibilities 1. Call Home immediately and notify grown-up What choice earned the PRIME Time
Date & Time PRIME will be served Student must say: Leave a message if the grown-up is not available. 2. Complete a Parent Communication Form 3. Bring signed form to PRIME Time the following day 4. During PRIME Time... sit and work silently Complete Assignment Write an apology letter to the teacher explaining why you got PRIME Time, why your behavior was inappropriate, and what you will do next time. Copy Kids at Hope Pledge twice Read or do homework Document every personal warning
Warnings carry throughout the day
Circle PRIME Time assignments Finally... Be Proactive! Verify the phone call Make a note Assign the PRIME Positive Framing Precise Praise Narration Warm/Strict Do It Again Sweat the Details Give explicit directions (What to do) 100% What are character points? Character points allow us to reward students who meet expectations every day. How do students earn character points? Students are given five character points at the beginning of each month.
The maximum number of character points a student can have each month is five. How do students lose character points? -2 for PRIME Time
-4 for ISS
-5 for OSS Can students earn points back? +1 School community service (at least an hour)
+1 Showing kindness to another student
+1 Making a school pride or community themed (anti-bullying, pro-kindness) poster to hang around school *Points should NOT be awarded simply for following classroom/school expectations. Students can only earn points if they are going above and beyond basic expectations What are the incentives? Fun Friday - must have 3 points for that month
Festivals, Dances, Field Day - must have an average of 3 points per month Questions? Thank you! Documentation Key Points From Teachers Feedback From Students What do you like about PRIME Time? It has lowered the trouble in Challenger Middle School and saved other students that are bullied.
I like that it makes students behave better so they don't interrupt me when I'm working.
well i have never been to prime time but i think that prime time has made learning easier.
that you learn from your mistakes and try hard not to get a prime time again and you might even make a letter to say sorry for whatever you did.
Well it helps our school be a better place.Also it gives teachers a break. And it helps people to learn about there behavior.
sometimes it helps you do better and youll remember not to do it again and it helps some student cause if you have something important to do after school it will teach you not to do it again What do you dislike about PRIME Time? Waht i dislyke about PRIME Time is daht yhuee hav 2 b quiet
I dislike that teachers are always telling us we're going to get a prime even if we didn't do anything.
I dont like anything from primetime
It sucks for the person who was framed and the person was not the PRIME suspect.
The thing that i Dislike about Prime Time is that it keeps you out of your clubs and sports you are doing at school.
I dislike that you cant talk you cant get up you cant do anything
that you have to stay a long time after school and just sit there and if they give you work you have to do it and its just really boring and you just sit there thats why i dont like prime time.
what i dislike about pime time is that if you do somthing little they will give you a pime. What do you like about Character Points? Character points give you the chance to participate in a activity if you really do deserve it.
It makes people work hard to earn them back.
i like how you get more every month :D
what i like about character points is that you need them to go to special events
What I like about Character Points is that I find it fair for every student who bahave in class and get good grades.
it has made challenger a better place because it makes you have extra chances before you cannot join in the fun.
Its kinda like currency to me. If you have the money, you can do the fun things. If you're broke, you can't do it. If you have the character points you can do fun friday. But if you were behaving innapropriatly you don't get to go. I think this is fair. What do you dislike about Character Points? I do no like anything about character because it seems unfair that a child gets left out of fun activities.
losing it
you have keep them up
there the wakest thing ever
you only get 5 each month
most people lose them because of stupid prime times
That You Cant Go To Fun Friday If You Dont Have Enough Points
What i dont like about character points is that you get everything taken away. For example, you get your festival, barbeque, dances, sports, and more fun activities.
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