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A Biophilic take on Nacka Green Walls and Roofs

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Landër Islami

on 13 February 2016

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Transcript of A Biophilic take on Nacka Green Walls and Roofs

A Biophilic take on Nacka Green Walls and Roofs
Water Management
- catch 40-60 percent of stormwater, reducing flow into a city’s sewers
-Green roofs significantly reduce run off water

Green Roofs
Green Roofs & Walls are the future
Our Solution in Retrospect
- Right plant species: "Frailejón" or Espeletia

- ICT & Harvesting

- Design
Design for urban climate change adaptation?
Design: Adapted Roof Modules for Pitched Roofs and Lateral Walls
Team Frailejón
Arlita Rahman, Landër Islami
Reducing Air Pollution, & Atmospheric Carbon Levels
-Reduced particulate matter in the air
-Sequestering carbon emissions

Urban Heat
-substantially less heat for the buildings
-substantially reducing energy costs

Green Walls
-Temperatures behind green walls can be reduced by as much as 10 degree Celsius

-Green walls can help reduce noise pollution

-Lower temperatures in summer and reduce energy costs

-Extra sheet of insulation

Our 3 point solution:
the right plant:
The "Frailejón"
A perennial subshrub belonging to the sunflower family.

Native mainly to Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador
Well known for contributing to the world in water sustainability by capturing water in its spongy trunk

Releasing it through the roots into the soil, thus helping to create vast water deposits and lakes that eventually form rivers
Ardunio Smart Citizen Kit
-On-demand Information and Livestream of data (online)
-Solar panel charger
-Tracks: Humidity, NO2, CO2, Noise, Light, Temperature
Install programmable logic controllers, that fully automate and control the entire harvesting process for rainwater harvesting systems
Connectivity, Metrics, Harvest
Rain Water Harvesting Process for Buildings
Minimize run off by filtering water for consumption of the residents
Source: Pisac Roofs
Credit: Hunter Legerton
ICT & Harvesting
Source: Ardunio Smart Citizen
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