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Dominican Republic Christmas Traditions

A presentation explaining Christmas Traditions in the Dominican Republic.

Jeff Raphel

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Dominican Republic Christmas Traditions

In the Dominican Republic Christmas Dominican Republic Christmas Christmas is very important in the Dominican Republic.
The celebration starts in October and lasts until January!

During these months, parties are held, there are firework shows, a lot of time is spent with families, and traditional food is often made.

Arroz con leche is a popular dish, and is spiced milk with rice pudding. Traditions Fireworks are a big part of the Christmas celebration. Firecrackers and sparklers are the most popular in the Dominican. Business close the night before Christmas and a huge dinner that is shared by the family is made.

People sometimes return to their home town and have a huge celebration on Christmas Eve. Most if not all employees receive a Christmas raise.

La Misa del Gall is a midnight mass held in the Dominican for the more religous people. Traditional Songs -Deck the Halls
-Merry Christmas
-O' Christmas Tree
-Deck the Halls
-Joy to the World
-Silent Night
-Angels We Have Heard on High

There are many more songs, and they are similar to
American ones. Gifts Gifts are usually given to children and only children.
They are give on January 6th, or 3 Kings' Day.

In the Dominican, the Three Kings give the presents,
and not Santa Claus.

And instead of cookies and milk, grass and candy is
left for the camels and kings. Decorations The main colors for Christmas in the Dominican is white, to give the illusion of snow, since it doesn't snow in that part of the world.

Another decoration is a poinsettia, a big red flower, and is also known as the star of the birth of Christ.

Assorted tree branches are also decorated.
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