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get yourself something nice- KFC commercial

No description

Madeleine Lampron

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of get yourself something nice- KFC commercial

In this video the white male gets a $5 bill from his nana for his birthday and she writes get something nice,his nana talks to him through the bill saying get yourself something nice, he leaves and goes to KFC and gets a $5 fill up / chicken pot pie, cookie and a drink and sends a picture of him with what he got to her.
What happened?
2 persuasion techniques are bribery, and repetition this commercial shows bribery when it says with a drink and a cookie so it makes you think your'e getting more for your money, and it shows repetition when the nana keeps saying get yourself something nice.

Techniques and slogans
Get yourself something nice- KFC commercial
The the two main people in this ad are portrayed as happy close family, they are both middle class white people, I don't really find their images to be realistic because he looks old to still be getting money from his nana for his birthday and I don't think people now a days would be happy to get $5 for their birthday present because people are selfish but I also don't think someone would only get $5 for their birthday.

I think there is a gender stereotype because in this commercial it only showed guys eating/getting fast food.

The company is trying to get more costumers and KFC is known for their tasty chicken so wouldn't their chicken pot pie be tasty too???? plus its ONLY $5 so it must be a great deal for a filling meal.

The targeted audience is for teens and adults I don't really think kids would be interested because they probably wouldn't understand it.

get yourself something nice
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