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The Treasure of Lemon Brown

No description

Shamicheal Lafawnda

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of The Treasure of Lemon Brown

The theme of "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" is that everyone has a treasure that may be unknown to others. This treasure is personal and precious, and we are willing to do anything to protect it. In the story, Lemon Brown shows that he is protective of his harmonica and the newspaper clippings by risking his safety to protect them. The story teaches us that sometimes we value objects not for what they are, but what they represent. For example, his son Jesse treasured the harmonica and the clippings when he went to war, which meant a lot to Lemon Brown. So, these items became even more valuable to him, because they symbolized the relationship between the father and the son. This lesson has an impact on the main character, Greg, who goes home with a smile.
Plot Analysis
Character: Lemon Brown
Lemon Brown has dirty shoes and he is wears rags. He was a blues musician who played the harmonica. Lemon’s wife died and since he was always traveling his son stayed with his aunt. His son decided to fight in the war,so Lemon was supportive with his son’s decision even though there was a chance he was not coming back. Lemon gave his son some memorabilia like his harmonica and newspaper clippings. Lemon felt proud because he found out that his son carried the harmonica and clippings with him before he past. He is caring and considerate, because even though he doesn’t really know Greg he made sure he was safe from the thugs and watched to make sure he got home safely.

One example of conflict shown in the story "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" is man vs man. In the old house that Lemon Brown stays in, Greg and Lemon Brown are forced to hide as thugs come in as they had previously heard Lemon Brown talk about his treasure. They continually threaten him by saying, "make this easy or we'll have to hurt you." The standoff proceeded and the thugs ended up leaving.

Another example of conflict in the story, is again, man vs man. Greg's father tells him he can't try out for the baseball team because he is failing in math. Greg gets upset because he is not allowed to play for the Scorpions even though he had been looking forward to joining them.
By: Walter Dean Myers
The Treasure of Lemon Brown
The majority of the story takes place in an old, abandoned tenement. It's exterior is littered with graffiti. The building has a dark interior yet dim lighting from streetlights shine through the windows at night. It has a very large room that may have been a parlor at one time. It retains a very musty smell. Against the wall is an old, busted table, and in the corner, on the floor, an old torn mattress. A damaged, broken, creaky couch also stands in front of the windows. There is also a hallway with a darkened staircase leading to upstairs. Outside of the building, the sky is filled with dark swirling clouds, large rain drops are falling, and flashes of lightning are seen.
Reader Rating
Greg goes to an abandoned house after an argument with his father about his math grades
Greg meets a homeless man called Lemon Brown.
He thinks that Greg is going to steal his "Treasure".
Thugs barge into the abandoned house to see Lemon Brown's "Treasure" .
Lemon Brown is injured because the Thugs threw a pipe at him.
Lemon Brown offers to show his "Treasure", which is a harmonica, to Greg and explains why.
His harmonica is his "Treasure" because he used to sing blues.
Then his wife died and his son left to live with his aunt.
His son joined the army and he was killed in action.
He had no blues left in him so he didn't have job.
He had no blues left in him so he didn't have job.
It was a mutual decision that the story was built up to be more mysterious and more interesting than it actually was.The story had no mystery what so ever and Lemon Brown’s past was just that he was a musician and his family had all past. We were all disappointed in the outcome of the story so we give it a generous 2 out of 5 stars.
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