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CrossFit. Inc

No description

Emily Kyle

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of CrossFit. Inc

CrossFit. Inc Audit

Aims & Overview
Critically analyze CrossFit Inc. locations in Vancouver with the intention of creating suitable recommendations for future marketing success.
Public Relations
Space Grid
Product Positioning
About the market
Anyone and everyone!
Even distribution between men and women
Target Age Group:
CrossFit in the market
CrossFit's Marketing
Monthly or annual memberships ($$$$)
Drop-in classes
still have to do fundamental classes
Student/Seniors/Military/First Responder Discounts
YouTube Channels
Reebok CrossFit Games
SWOT Analysis
What You Will Expect:
1. Intro to CrossFit
2. About the Market
3. CrossFit in the Market
4. CrossFit’s Marketing
5. Summary

Founded in 2002 by Greg Glassman
Relatively new form of training
Started this concept from his garage
Now has a salary of $750, 000
Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a community setting

High intensity interval training, weight lifting, gymnastics, strength/conditioning
Workout of the Day (WOD)
In Vancouver
The CrossFit User
Looking to compete at the games
Want encouragement from a group
Middle - Upper Class
Majority of affiliates in:
Kitsilano: $45, 000+
Downtown: $35, 000+
Meeting Demands
Partnership with Reebok
Provide input on the community, affiliates, training programs, trends
ESPN coverage of the games
Attendance of 10, 000
Increased number of affiliate gyms (37 in GVA)
CrossFit Kids
Designed specifically for children and teenagers
CrossFit's Extensions
Employ more traditional promotional materials
Currently operates on word-of-mouth and Internet
This may destabilize 'cult-like' impressions
Promotional material supported by academia
Will increase reputability with regards to health and fitness, leaning away from "Uncle Rhamdo"
Regulate peer-reviewed journal
Academic knowledge = power
Currently unregulated
Capitalize strengths
Turn weaknesses into opportunities
Threats - assess high risk vs low risk
Defend and avert
Kerri Bodin
Sean Choi
Emily Kyle
Lindsey Pozo
Key Recommendations
Who is CrossFit for?
Although geared to everyone, identify missing market, engage and entice for long term commitment
i.e. Youth Market
An organization offering similar product whose CTA overlaps more than 25% of the marketer's own trading radius
Usually 30 minute travelling time (Mullen, 2007)
Recognize abundance of competition in Vancouver
Create and capitalize unique selling point
CrossFit Kitsilano could strengthen USP
Ultimately increase brand equity around each specific box
Become known for being more than CrossFit
CrossFit West End - extended specialty programs
Reduce CTA overlap, decrease competition
Public Relations
Effects of affiliation
Perception of non-CrossFit users
Control for external environment
Academic support
Defense strategies for your box
Explanations to general public
community relations

Effective PR integrates community and media relations
Media = short term
Community = long term
Encourage individuality between boxes
Prevent backlash
"A bunch of rich white people paying $250/mo. to have an uncredentialed coach instruct them to have spasms with PVC pipe and seizures on pull-up bars until they vomit. They generally do this for a period of 10-30 minutes and call it a workout. Those who partake in these group activities also have the option to pay $1000 to attend a weekend course where they have an alcoholic instruct them how to better lift their PVC pipe. Some people who do these activities may also confuse being nauseous with being elite" - Urban Dictionary
(City of Vancouver, 2011)
Consistent organizational structure
Appropriate market segmentation
Create and capitalize unique selling point
Build community relations for brand equity
Academic credibility
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