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Childhood Memories

No description

Makenzie Gaudette

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Childhood Memories

On any work day my mom, Christy Gaudette,
has alot to do. Around 2 PM she rushes around from one room
to the next visiting clients, doing vitals and printing
blood work. When not in the rooms, she is setting
up special equipment for surgeries or dentals. Childhood Memories
By: Makenzie Gaudette When things start settling down
my mom goes into her office to
do ordering of clinic supplies. In her office she has a wall that is covered in
funny things like Chuck Norris and also things
like "i love you mom." "“That is what happens when you
give a bored kid some paper and
highlighters.” she thinks to herself. A commotion in the front lobby takes my mom
out of her day dreaming thoughts. She helps assist
in an emergency that Dr. Church brings to the back
Treatment room. The distressed cat reminded
my mom of her childhood
kitty named Cuddles. One tragic day mom found Cuddles cut
up by her dads’ truck fan belt.
Her family did a lot of home care
to get Cuddles up and functioning. Christy found Cuddles when she was 8 and they did everything together. She taught Cuddles to lick her by putting tuna juice on her lip and making a kissing noise. During childhood she acquired many different types and species of animals. Over the years she collected rabbits, dogs, turtles, cats, rats, hamsters, pheasant, ferrets, sugar gliders, fish, snakes, lizards, a chipmunk, an opossum and a duck. Anything her dad would pull out of the apartment complexes that weren’t supposed to have animals would go into her loving collection. All these animals taught her about unconditional love. she got older she didn’t finish college, but everyday she reminds her children to “stay in school and ride the gravy train as long as you can.” She started college but took time off to work “I’ll go to school later,” she would repeat in her head Being a Veterinarian was Christy’s life long goal since she was nine, although she didn’t finish college she still found something close to her dream. Christy’s dreams took a turn when she applied to Green Summit Animal Clinic and got the job as a Vet tech. The clock on her bedside table reads 10:30PM, as she slowly and confidently climbs into her comfy bed. Her lids close sleepily and she dreams of the memories of her animal that got her through life.
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