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Red River Rebellion - 1869-70

No description

jaspreet deol

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Red River Rebellion - 1869-70

He was born a Métis He was captured in 1885 for being guilty of taking part in the rebellion. Red River Rebellion What was the Red River Rebellion? Where did it occur? -an uprising force against the Canadian government by the Métis people. Who was involved in
the Red River Rebellion? Louis Riel Métis Louis Riel was born on October 23rd, 1844 He fought for Métis land rights and led the rebellion. He was born in Saint Boniface, Manitoba He started a provisisonal government and became its president at the age of 24 from the years 1869- 1870 People of mixed First Nation & Euorpean ancestory Most of them from the Red River Settlement were farmers, Hudson's Bay Company Employees or Self-Employed Fur traders. 4,000 Métis lived in the Red River Settlement When did the Red River Rebellion occur? Key Terms: Rebellion: An act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler Rebellion: An act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler. Provisional Government: A temporary government put in place until a permenant one is established. Treason: An act of betrayal or disloyalty to one's country or government. Captured & Hung on November 16th 1885 Thomas Scott Born in Clandeboye, Ireland in 1842 Executed by Louis Reil at the Red River Colony on March 4th 1870 He immigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1863 He was sent to negotiate with Louis Riel on 7 December 1869. The Métis captured him as he posed as enenmy & a threat because he believed that the Metis should not have any say in what goes on and that the Canadian government should ignore them. The Métis managed to capture him many times but he always escaped until Riel had executed him. William McDougall He was a politician & lawyer Born on Janurary 25th 1822 in York (Known as the modern day: Toronto) He died on May 29th 1905 in Ottawa. Minister of Public Works under the rule of Sir John A. McDonald (1867) He was the one who introduced the resolution to the Canadian government for the purchase of Rupert's Land First Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Terroitories The rebellion began in fall of 1869 The rebellion ended during the summer of 1870. Lasted approximately 10 months! Thomas Scott 1842-1870 Louis Riel 1844-1885 William McDougall 1822-1905 Provisional Government Why did the Red River Rebellion occur? Main causes: The main causes are the Hudson Bay Company sold Ruperts Land, including the Red River valley to the Canadian government. The Métis didn't want their way of life to change or be effected by the new rules of the Canadian government. & -Occured in the Red River Valley (what is modern day Winnipeg, Manitoba) Winnipeg, Manitoba Red River valley What happened during the Red River Rebellion? In 1869, HBC agreed to sell Rupert's Land to Canada for $1.5 Million
John A. McDonald was eager to take over the land (afraid US would buy more territory) so he sent land surveyors to quickly go and divide the land as soon as possible. On October 11th, Louis Riel didn't allow the land surveyors in because the Metis people's opinon wasn't accounted for Louis Riel established a provisional government/national committee of the Metis that would decide how to protect the Red River Settlement The Metis seized Fort Garry for 2 reasons:
So they could capture the attention of the government and make their voice heard
And so they could set up their provisional government there. Lieutenant-Governor, William McDougall arrived at the settlement but the Metis did not allow him to come in. Canada starts to rule Rupert's Land The Metis informed the Canadian government of their conditions for agreeing to the confederation. Thomas Scott said that the Metis should have no say in the confederation & continued to insult the Metis so Riel orders Scott to have a trial & he was sentenced to death. The English admired Scott so they weren't happy about the sentencing so they ordered Riel to be hanged. Riel fled to the US so that the troops that arrive (so there is no more violence) can't capture him. Shortly after Riel ran away, the Metis finally gave in to joining Canada & so the Red River Valley was named Manitoba. 1) a) Name atleast two people involved in the Red River Rebellion.
b)Give two facts about each. 2)When did the Red River Rebellion occur?(year and month) 3) In your own words describe what the Red River settlement was OR in your own words describe why the Red River Rebellion occured. Mini Quiz! 4) In your opinon, was Louis Riel a hero or a villan? Explain. 5) Was Louis Riel against or for the confederation? How do you know. BONUS: From your prior knowledge, where was the main meeting npoint for the First Nations & Metis?
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