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Psychological Disorders of Sheldon Cooper

By: Alexis Domagas, Sergio Delos Santos, and Lucas Lopes

Sergio Delos Santos

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Psychological Disorders of Sheldon Cooper

Disorders of
Sheldon Cooper Obsessive Compulsive
Personality Disorder Narcissistic Personality
Disorder Paranoid Personality
Disorder Borderline Personality
Disorder Phobias * preoccupation with orderliness ~
rules and regulations * functions well with
lists and schedules * perfectionist * rigid and
inflexible * needs to be
in control * a sense that they
deserve special treatment.
The world or others owe
them something. * haughtiness and
arrogance * tendency to have low
deep down inside and
can be depressed. * A hard time calming down once they are upset * Could end up having
impulsive, angry outbursts * A polarized view and function in the extremes such as “all or nothing” * A hard time
focusing on
anything for long * Short spurts
of moodiness. * A hard time
trusting others * Constantly think that others are
out to get them to take advantage
of them, or intentionally
irritating them * They keep a
from others * They often have a need to
attack those they feel
threatened by as they become
pathologically jealous Made by:
Alexis Domagas
Sergio Delos Santos
Lucas Lopes
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