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MHS Survival Guide

No description

Brynne Erb

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of MHS Survival Guide

MHS Tour Guide
My partner, Larissa's School
While Minnetonka High School is home to only four grades, Larissa's school takes grades 1 through 12. That's huge! So she and her brother, Leon (age 13), go to the same school.
Minnetonka High School is filled with activites, academics, and sports. It's fun to attend such an engaging school!
Ariel View of MHS
Daily Schedule
We repeat the same six classes every day for half the year- then the some classes switch, but mine stay the same!
The highlighted class is International
studies, the class I am taking to
meet you!
MHS Culture
We have sports games, dress up days, and fun dances to celebrate our school spirit!
Our Baseball Field, Veteran's Field
Student Parking Lot
Main Enterance
Pagel Center
Our own hockey rink!
Located on the East side of our school campus, Pagel is home to the Hockey team and weight lifting rooms for all different sports.
Veteran's Field
Home to the Minnetonka baseball team
"The Dome"
In the long and cold winter months in Minnesota, our school inflates this dome above our football field so baseball, softball, soccer, and other sports can practice year round.
Course Level Options
Students can enroll in the IB Diploma Program their Junior and Senior year, (like me :) ), elect to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses, or general courses. Some Honors classes are offered to Freshmen and Sophomores, and most upperclassmen enroll in IB, AP, or G. Students can take any combination of the classes that suits them.
There's me on Wacky Tacky Day :)
My Homecoming Dance group
Homecoming is a time when we celebrate the start of a new school year with a dance, pep fest, and a football game.
Wichern Schule
Larissa's school gets a couple of long breaks during the school year. They get 2 weeks off over:
Christmas Time
After Christmas and New Year's time
and one week off in May
MHS Activities
Our school produces a fall and spring musical each year.
Promotional poster for the 2013 fall musical
The Stage
Scene from last Spring's hit, Aida
Each class lasts 55 minutes, and we have 6 minutes in between each class to use the restroom, buy a snack, drink from the water fountain, and get to our next class.
My out of school Activities
Besides being a student, I am a newspaper editor for our school news paper, The Breezes, and I volunteer as a writing coach in our school's Writing Center, that helps kids improve their writing.
The writing coaches from last year
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