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Notes From the Midnight Driver By:Jordan Sonnenblick

A Trip through the Plot Line of Notes From the Midnight Driver.

Elizabeth Buccheri

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Notes From the Midnight Driver By:Jordan Sonnenblick

Notes From the Midnight Driver By Jordan Sonnenblick Setting Time-
September through May
Rising Action Falling Action Climax Resolution The concert that Alex, Annette and Steven put-on at the home supposed to make Sol happy
Sol tricks Alex into leaving for a few minutes while he plays the guitar.
Alex comes back and sees this and it makes him become mad at Sol and they are forced to work things out. Conflicts Alex vs. Sol (Man vs. Man)
Alex is sentenced to community service where he gets assigned to volunteer with Mr.Soloman Lewis. He is cranky and unplesant. Him and Alex fight with each other alot.

Mrs.Gregory vs. Mr.Gregory (Man vs. Man)
Mr.Gregory started dating Alex's teacher from third grade and they get divorced.

Alex vs. Laurie (Man vs. Man)
Alex and Laurie are best friends that are really in love with eachother. They cannot accept the truth.

Alex vs. Judge Judy Trent (Man vs. Man)
Alex gets arrested and has to attend a court hearing. Judge Trent is the judge of this case and sentences him to community service.

Sol vs. His Daughter/Judge Judy Trent
Sol is Judy Trent's Father. They haven't talked in years. They reunite for the frist time in a really long time at the second concert which we later know it to be Sol's last concert.

Egbert B Johnson Memorial Home
Alex's House
Alex's School Main Characters-
Alexander Gregory-16 year old boy; main character
Mrs.Gregory-Alex's mom
Mr.Gregory-Alex's dad
Laurie- Alex's bestfriend; short, blonde, and has beautiful blue eyes
Soloman Lewis-The man that Alex has to volunteer for; he is old, mean and cranky.
He has Termimnal Emphysema. Alex wants to get revenge against his father for leaving them so he gets drunk, takes his mother's car and attempts to drive to his father's house.
This plan does not get him very far. He ends up crashing onto his neighbors front lawn and breaking her lawn gnome.
He gets arrested and has to go to a court hearing where they decided what his punishment would be.
He was sentenced to community service at Egbert B. Johnson Memorial Home where he has to volunteer for Soloman ("Sol" for short) Lewis.
Sol is mean to Alex most of the time. But maybe if they had a common interest they would get along better.
Finally they find something that they are both interested in. Which might be the only thing that makes Sol actually happy.
This is music. Alex plays the guitar in his school jazz band and one day, he brings it into the home and played for Sol.
Whenever Alex played his music Sol was at peace.

When Alex sees that Sol tricked him and is now on stage showing-him-up he is angry.
He goes on stage and finishes the concert for the audience but is really embarrassed because he has to perform after Sol who played much better than him.
He was angry and wondered why Sol never told him about his interest in the guitar.
The next time that Alex came to visit Sol they fought. He asked him how he got so good at the guitar.Sol then explained that he was a very famous guitarist that traveled the world. He was shocked.
Alex began bringing his guitar to the home more often then usual and Sol gave him lessons on how to improve his chords and playing skills.
Sol next gives Alex a key and tells him to go down to his storage closet. In it he finds an amazing D'Angelico guitar that Sol used to use to play at concerts. He brings it up to his room and they end up switching guitars Sol gives Alex his and then Alex returns the favor and gives him his acoustic guitar.
Alex got better and better with his new guitar each time and Sol thought that he was ready to perform another concert.
So without informing him, Sol went to Steven and Annette and planned a second concert at the home.
When he tells Alex he is angry at first and then thinks about it and is happy to perform with Sol.
This shows that Alex and Sol have worked out their problems from the concert before and are ready to work together on the next one.
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