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My Music Magazine

No description

Aisha S

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of My Music Magazine

Damaka! Target Audience Age= 18+ (18-25)

Gender= 50% Female & 50% Male

ABC1= 53% (Translation=Explosion) Media Pitch Appendix 6 Aisha Shah Chamak... (Translation=Sparkle) Audience Profile Ideal Reader Ideas for Main Cover Image Ideas for Double Page Spread Ideas for Contents Page Adverts Colour Schemes Design Ideas: Magazine Information Frequency National or Local ? Zara, aged 23 lives in Manchester and likes to listen to Bhangra music, she loves the different beats played in the music and the sound of the traditional instruments.

Zara enjoys listening to Bhangra/Asian music and other music too but Bhangra livens her spirit when she is attending traditional festivals and weddings as she states “I like to blast the tunes off whilst I’m getting ready with friends, as it livens the mood and makes us excited for events.”

Zara likes different genres of music such as pop and RnB with a remix of Bhangra music, this engages her with music as she listens to it on her iPod and helps her keep up to date with the latest songs. She also attends small gigs in her hometown ,Bradford and she attends concerts, so she can listen to her favourite artists, such as; Jay Sean, Raxstar, Arjun, Juggy D, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and many more.

Zara’s identity and fashion sense is traditional and bold, which represents her nationality, she is a friendly character who likes to socialise with mixed cultures. My Models :) I have chosen a Niche audience,located in Bradford as it will attract local people from an Asian, ethnic background. This will lead to a large amount of people, mainly women who purchase this magazine. The Price of this Magazine will be
2.99 The magazine front and back cover will be of card and will have a glossy finish,the pages inside the magazine will be made of quality glossy paper. The End The Masthead of my magazine will be Bold and will have a bright colour to attract the audience.

The fonts of the sub-headings in the magazine will be in a feminine font for the women's section and a Masculine font for the men's section. The rest of the text used,will be in a clear and readable font: so the text is easy to read. The magazine will be issued Monthly, as it won't be a common purchase like the mainstream magazines of Pop or R&B.
Also it will give the magazine company, more time to research on issues which will be relevant and related to the young target audience. For example they can to include the monthly fashion trends of the traditional clothing, recent Bhangra music which are at the high ends of the Bhangra Charts and health issues to educate the young into keeping safe. Thanks for Watching!
Female: 50%
Male: 50%
Median Age: 19
Student: 47%
Circulation: 30,000
Readership: 365,000 Key Stats Music The audience are passionate about this style of music
The Local Readership Survey (LRS) have found out that the young audience love the unique magazine and state that a mass audience uses social media such as Facebook and micro-blogging such as Twitter to track the magazine and view the magazines exquisite features and to share hit music which is portrayed by bands. Chamak & Dhamaka! Readers are
both influential readers and know
the latest information on each artist
and are the first to consume products
by downloading and sharing music
with their friends and family and love
to know exclusive information on events. Sub Culture My music magazine's sub cultural capital (Sarah Thornton 1995) will be portrayed with the use of bright coloured clothing, a traditional drum called the 'Dhol' and will represent a Bhangra genre of music. The sub culture (Dick Hebdidge 1979) which is used in this magazine is of Asian youths who are identified with Asian/Bhangra music.This may be known from the way they dress an the music genre they listen to.
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