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educational philosophy

No description

Kasi Crossan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of educational philosophy

WHY? Students Are the authors of their own book. Want to learn Are unique and learn differently Deserve respect and recognition for their progress Teachers Are the writing implements
Pen Pencil Crayon Highlighter Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence Building Community What teaching means to me Teachers need to be flexible Continuing education
It is important for teachers to stay up-to-date
with the latest trends in education diversity in lesson planning
Adapting lessons to reach all types of Learners Don't be afraid to try new things
Challenge yourself and your students in the classroom. It's more then adjectives and Pronouns It's life skills It's communication among teachers and students It's building friendships It's building trust That way students and teachers are not scared to communicate their ideas and they are more open to the academics in the classroom It's a lifetime kinda thing! Linguistic Intelligence

use of written and spoken language to
accomplish goals Musical Intelligence

Appreciation for music Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
Physical activity Spatial intelligence
Use of patterns in regards to space Interpersonal intelligence
Understanding the emotions and
intentions of others Intrapersonal Intelligence
Understanding your own emotions
and Intentions.
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