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Inductive grammar teaching

No description

Junko Sakuma

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of Inductive grammar teaching

By: Junko Sakuma
Maki Senior Higch School

TPR can be used not only when teaching a simple grammar
but also when teaching a
high level grammar

TPR helps students
the knowledge of grammar structure(
to speaking(
) and writing automatically.

Using TPR can be a sign of whether the student understand or not.

However, TPR is not the main learning of grammar.
Students need practices again and again. =
= Homework
PPP in Japan
Presentation: The teacher explains a new grammar structure explicitly and let the students notice the characteristic of the grammar.

Practice: Exercises using mainly pattern practices

Production: Productive activities using the grammar the students learned.
=Memorization of rules
The students' grammar knowledge
does not have connection to their
TPR (Total Physical Response)
James Asher

In my school, almost all the students go to university.

When I taught grammar,
I usually explained the grammar structure explicitly.

Communicative Language teaching is important.

What are the problems of my grammar teaching?

Total Physical Response is a language learning method based on the coordination of speech and action.

Asher sees successful adult second language learning as a parallel process to child first language acquisition.

Asher states that "most of grammatical structure of the target language and hundreds of vocabulary items can be learned from the skillful use of the imperative by the instructor"(1977).

TPR requires initial attention to meaning rather than to the form of items.
Grammar is thus taught inductively

Imperative drills are the major classroom activity in TPR.

Asher has stressed that TPR should be used in association with other methods and techniques.

Example 1 : Adjective clause using TPR

Junko will keep the pencil .....................
She will pick up the stapler.
She is picking up the stapler.
She is holding the stapler.
She is putting the stapler on the desk.
She has put the stapler on the desk.
She put the stapler on the desk.

a) Junko will keep the pencil which has a point.

b) Junko will keep the pencil, which are for free.
Course of Study
Teachers have to teach English by using assigned textbooks and to prepare
the students for the entrance examination
. =
Time Management
ELI class
(Reading and Writing class)
Master's course
Methods of TESOL
at Level 1 class
at the Japanese course at UD
My experience at UD
Azar Grammar Text
Using terminology
Error collection
Using content

Demo Lesson
Teaching grammar in English
Error collection activity
Grammar rules
Activity using TPR
Interviews with
ELI teachers
Mikkie Washburn
Jack Crist
John Milbury-Steen
Thank you for listening
Japanese Class at UD
The teacher uses mainly Japanese in the classroom.
Many speaking and writing practice using new grammar.
Many interactions between the teacher and the students. =
Imperative drills using TPR.
Other Inductive Grammar Activities
Giving many sentences before teaching rules.

Error correction
Effective, Inductive
Grammar Teaching

Keys to Teaching Grammar ..
I want my students to...
Comprehend the grammar structure

Use the grammar structures naturally
to speak and write
"Classes, in principle,
should be conducted in English.”

(MEXT 2010)
" The proper goal of grammar instruction should be
, the ability to use grammar constructions accurately, meaningfully, and
. The addition of
to grammar is meant to suggest a dynamic process of
grammar using

(Teaching English as a Second Language)
Example 2 : Tense
Future, Present Progressive, Present Perfect, Past

Three-Dimensional Grammar Framework

PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production)


Communicative grammar teaching

Inductive grammar teaching

TPR (Total Physical Response)

Inductive v.s.
Deductive teaching
activity is one in which students infer the rule or generalization from a set of examples. In a
activity, the students are given the rule, and they apply it to examples."

(Teaching English as a second language)
"What little we know about ... second language learning ... suggests that
a combination of induction and deduction produces the best result

(Rutherford & Sharwood Smith)
JTE should have English communication skills of teaching and conducting language activities.
= Communicative Grammar Teaching
JTE don't have much time to spend on one grammar structure.
Students don't have opportunities to use structures in a real situation.
How should I teach grammar?
What is TPR?
When I teach grammar...
Let my students notice the grammar structure -inductive teaching

Practice is necessary. (Homework)

Try not to teach everything.
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