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Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

No description

Sarah Fox

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Who was
Franz Ferdinand? 1863-1914
Eldest Son of Archduke Charles Louis
Third hier to Austro-Hungarian throne
Not well like by Uncle,Franz Josef, or goverment
'Trialism,' - triple monarchy in which the empire's Slavs would have an equal voice in government with the German and Magyars
Married Sophie Chotek von Chotkova Assassination Sarajevo Street, morning of June 28, 1914 Order of Events Archduke and wife went to City Hall for a reception in car
Black Hands throw bomb at car- missed
After reception, went to hospital to comfort hurt followers
Driver went down the wrong street, supposed to be on Appel Quag
Shots came from 5 feet away
Sophie-abdonmen, Ferdinand- neck
Died when they arrived at the hospital.
Shot by 19 year old Gaurilo Princip- Black Hands member The Black Hands New, Serbian, secret terrorist organization
Many members important army and government positions
May 9, 1911 formed group: Ujedinjenje ili Smrt (Union or Death)
1914 several hundred members.
Decied to assassinate Archduke
June 1917- outlawed Alliances Sophie-abdonmen, Ferdinand- chest (close to heart).
Died when they arrived at the hospital. Bloodied shirt worn by Franz Ferdinand. Allies with Austria-Hungary
-Previously Italy
Allies with Serbia
-Italy Why is it the Spark The assassination provided Austria-Hungary with an excuse to take action against Serbia. During July 1914 the situation escalated, pulling in the major European powers via the complex alliance relationships each had struck up with one another. The result was world war.
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