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"MK" by Jean Fritz

Review Game

Susan Monroe

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of "MK" by Jean Fritz

Review Game "MK" by Jean Fritz Directions change transformation the British school closed. Jean is enrolled in the Shanghai American School because... The other students seem ignorant. This is why Jean is disappointed with her new school in America. - The phrase will be shown on the screen.
- Look at your word bank of choices.
- Write the word or phrase on your white board.
- Hold it up to see if you're right. DO NOT SHOUT OUT THE ANSWERS!
DO NOT DOODLE ON THE BOARD! She likes to read about another newcomer to America Why does Jean "talk" to Priscilla Alden so often? The ocean is rough & people get seasick. Name one major difference between traveling on the Yangtze River (in China) and crossing the Pacific Ocean. falls in love. Right before Jean and her family leave for America, Jean... to utter a sharp, shrill cry shriek commit give over to, make a serious pledge or promise of a sharp sense of time & place Jean thinks that growing up as a MK gave her... He did what is country needed, not what he wanted. This is why Jean thinks so highly of George Washington... enough adequate deceive Make someone believe something that is not true. The conflict may affect foreigners. Why do the American women & children flee when the Chinese army is near? quest long search for something uninformed Someone who is IGNORANT is most likely... uninformed Jean felt more like an American when she entered the Shanghai American School. True or False! False! the swinging door This separated the high school girls from the junior high girls in the dormitory.
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