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How does teen pregnancy effect the individuals life?

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Auvni Mistry

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of How does teen pregnancy effect the individuals life?

Teenage pregnancy
How does teenage pregnancy affect the individual's life?
Thesis: Teenage pregnancy affects the individual emotionally, socially and positively.
Emotionally: Depression
- Deciding whether or not to keep the baby
- Sudden change of lifestyle
- Quitting school or getting home schooled
- Working multiple jobs
- Teenage hormones
- Postpartum depression
Emotionally: Helplessness
- Feeling guilty and shameful
- Not having others to relate to
- Sharing the news about the pregnancy; not knowing how and who to tell about the situation
- Different opinions about handling the pregnancy:
keeping the baby
- No control or power against parents
- Depression
- Helplessness
- Worries about the future

- Social life
- Limits time to go out with others
- Others may judge the individual
- Responsible
- Mature
- Stronger; physically and emotionally
Emotionally: Worries about the future
- If father of child will support the baby
- Financially supporting the baby; having multiples jobs or asking family for money
- Future career
- Not having enough knowledge to raise a child and be a mother
- Fear if having a baby will impact her own life and dreams in the future
Socially: Social life
- Bigger responsibilities
- Working a full time job to support the baby
- Constantly being tired; no energy for anything else
- No time for family or friends
- Communicating with others will be difficult
- Repetitive schedule
- Excluded from school life; prom, graduation etc.

Socially: Limits time to go out with others
- No free time
- Other things to worry about
- Limits individual to enjoy teenage years
- Missing out on new experiences; physically incapable or not having enough time
- Excluded from certain events
Socially: Others judging the invididual
- Disrespect
- Bad influence
- Losing loved ones; friends and family
- Loneliness
- Receiving dirty looks, getting talked about
- Violating social norms
Positively: Responsible
- Learn how to raise a family
- Financially supporting baby and herself
- No more partying, drinking etc.
- Time management skills
- Multitasking
Positively: Maturity
- Stop going out as much
- Obtain roles of an adult
- Good role model
- Independent
- Dealing with harsh situations; looking past other peoples opinion
Positively: Stronger
- Constantly carrying the baby
- Not getting enough sleep
- Maintaining a healthy diet
- Discipline the baby
- Prepared for the possibility of a miscarriage or disabilities
Emotional, social or positive effect?
1. Andrea is 16 and pregnant. She went to the mall and constantly got stared at by others.

2. After having a baby for eight months, Holly doesn’t care when others talk about her or disrespect her. She doesn’t take it personally.

3. Three months after having a baby, Kate is suffering despondency, tearfulness, feelings of inadequacy, guilt, anxiety, irritability and fatigue.

Teenage pregnancy affects the individual in many negative ways, emotionally and socially. However, there are a few positive aspects in which the individual is affected.
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