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Science Vs. Faith in Life of Pi

No description

Nate Nagallo

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Science Vs. Faith in Life of Pi

Science Vs. Faith
Life of Pi

Albert Einstein: God vs. Science
Discussion Question # 1
After watching the previous video, what parallels are visible between the context of the video and the plot of
Life of Pi
? Do you think Science vs. Faith is an issue that affects our modern society?
Instead of siding with one belief, Pi uses both Science and Faith as an aid to help him shape his life and also use them as reinforcements as he faces difficult situations. It is evidently shown that Pi understands that Science and Faith both cannot answer all the questions in the world because one belief can only prove so much. He later on lives a peaceful life that is heavily revolved around the belief of Science and Faith.
Quote #1
"My majors were religious studies and zoology. My fourth-year thesis for religious studies concerned certain aspects of the cosmogony theory of Isaac Luria, the great sixteenth-century Kabbalist from Safed. My zoology thesis was a functional analysis of the thyroid gland of the three-toed sloth. I chose the sloth because its demeanor – calm, quiet and introspective – did something to soothe my shattered self. (Martel 3)
Quote #2
"It wasn't God who saved me-it was medicine" (Martel 30)
Pi is speaking
Pi attends UofT as a double major in Reigious Studies and Zoology
Studies these majors because believes in equality in both
Foreshadows Self-Conflict

Mr. Satish Kumar speaking
Recalls his past and his reliability to medicine/science
Still becomes Pi's mentor

Quote #3
"'Religion will save us,' I said. Since when I could
remember, religion had been very close to my heart. 'Religion?' Mr. Kumar grinned broadly. 'I don't believe in Religion is darkness.'"
Pi is exposed to other people's views about faith
Mr Satish Kumar speaking once again
Ignorance, Blindness to faith
Helps Pi shape his life
Discussion Question #2
How do think faith contributed to Pi's survival?
Also, how do you think science contributed to Pi's survival?
Quote #4
After a thorough investigation, i made a complete list:
1 Spotted hyena
1 Bengal tiger
1 Lifeboat
1 Ocean
1 God
Pi is on the boat making a list of what he has available
Pi is speaking about his supplies on the life boat
Pi thinks of God as someone very important
Represents an importance of faith
Quote #5
"So am I! I applied my reason at every moment. Reason is excellent for getting food, clothing and shelter. Reason is the very best tool kit. Nothing beats reason for keeping tigers away. But be excessively reasonable and you risk throwing out the universe with the bathwater." (Martel 330-331)
Pi is speaking
Pi is upset after he fins out that the japanese officials don't believe his story
He is using reason to explain things
Pi admits that the use of reason and science help him with surviving

Question #3
Do you think that both science and faith helped Pi with his survival? Or do you think that one was more dominant? If so, which do you think was more influential?
by: Anthony Dawes and Nathan Nagallo
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