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Company presentation

Patrick Bold

on 16 August 2010

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Transcript of WingFan

Research & Development
AMCA Multi
nozzle test rig
Sickle Profiles
Airfoil Profiles
Circular Arc Profiles
Reversible Profile
WingFan has global representation through either subsidiaries or our distributor network
Headquarters in Hamburg,
ISO 9001 certified
Just a few of our many
global customers.....
Customized testing
Wind tunnel tests with a
radiator and engine mock up
Worldwide, one concept
Our experienced qualified engineers will provide you with
personal guidance to all your air-moving questions
For us Know-how is not enough – we also convey to you
Know-why and Know-when
What does WingFan stand for?
We invest heavily in Research and Development and wind tunnel testing
Over 40 years of know-how in axial impeller solutions
State of the art production methods and quality control
Forward swept wide blade profile to reduce noise and maximise performance
Airfoil profile for maximum efficiency in ideal conditions
One-piece impellers
For demanding installations with challenging aerodynamic conditons
Primarily used in wood drying applications
Low-cost one-piece plastic impellers for standard applications
By working side-by-side with our customers, we understand their needs and are able to rapidly transform these into tailor-made solutions with new products and services.
Customer-oriented developments ensure our future success.
We use our state-of-the-art CAD system for drawings as well as the development of new products as it is capable of Finite Element Method (FEM) strength analysis
SELECT 5.2 software
...with just a few clicks a suitable impeller can be configured
We look forward to receiving your enquiry
To determine load limits
Endurance test rig
Start - Stop testing
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