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No description

Jordan Lake

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Hulu

Hulu's Top Ten Lessons Lesson One:
Lesson Two: Lesson Three: Lesson Four Lesson Five: Lesson Six: Lesson Seven: Lesson Eight Lesson Nine:
Lesson Ten: Questions? Hulu Background
Information Hulu was founded in March 2007,
and is owned by NBC, Fox, ABC,
Providence Equity Partners, and Hulu
Employees • Offers premium-quality TV shows
and movies to users in the United States "Anytime, Anywhere" Hulu's constituents include users,
advertisers, and content owners.

Hulu's Revenue stream is 100% advertisement-based

Will soon be launching premium "Hulu Plus"

Hulu: Mandarin Chinese: “gourd that holds precious things” Mandate Login

Require the additional demographic questions on sign up page
Know your consumers and
segment them accurately Be aware of consumer diversity,
especially if expanding internationally Hulu should be aware of cultural, ethical, religious,
and ethnic differences in different countries
Use Psycographic techniques to
appeal to the target market Ethical Companies are becoming more
popular in the U.S. and U.K. Increase Awareness About the
Offering With Promotions Through the use of more offline promotions, push consumers toward the problem recognition stage.

Emphasize that Hulu is closer to the ideal state.

Stress the benefits Hulu has over the actual state (regular television).

*Free, less commercials, convenience, viruses, uncertainty

*Consumer demographics, owning a show, financially
viable, expensive

Content Owners
*Larger reach, discourages illegal piracy, financially viable Increase Percieved values and
Decrease Percieved Risks Losses Loom Larger Than gains Loss of time and money

Hulu offers freedom

Comparative Advertising Enhance consumers’ memory through
recirculation and elaboration Hulu can repeat its own advertisements or use
mixed media to promote its offering Consider Consumer Categorization
Methods Offer taxonomic and goal derived categorization on website.

Taxonomic: all shows from NBC,ABC, and Fox

Goal-Derived: comedies, drama
Share with potential advertisers the value
that the offering adds in
relation to exposure and attention Active involvement
* Consumers are readily involved
because they choose to watch

* Consumer sitting closer to the screen Use the First Mover Advantage to
Become the Prototype Hulu should strive to be the prototype of an
aggregate online television website
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