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Tolu, Munashe and Ryan

Tolu IK

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Presentation

WE ARE TRYING TO BREAK BARRIERS AND MAKE SURE THAT THESE ANIMALS LIVE UP TO FULL EXPECTATIONS. For our leaflets Ryan and Munashe didn't specify in one animal, we specified in many.
Tolu did his leaflet and specified in white tigers
and gave information about them and a way to adopt them. WILD CARE WILD CARE LEAFLETS OUR VIDEO OPINIONS Programmes used Our Leaflets Our leaflets We each chose a programme which we were going to use.
Munashe used Microsoft Powerpoint, Ryan also used Powerpoint and Tolu used Fireworks. With our leaflets we decided the layout and the basically what text we would add. We all individually picked our animals and came up with reasons why you should adopt it and why it is endangered. We all had very little help as we each had our own plans for the design of our leaflets We each have our own unique leaflets Each programme gave us the wants which we needed which is why we chose them. As we all required different needs we chose different programmes. (Crawling to their needs) Our Goal was to be able to make each and every animal in the world able to look after themselves without the danger of them being extinct. Our Goal TRY!!! What you can do! YOU can do so much by donating money to endangered animals this way they all are saved from the risk of extinction. All YOU have to do is watch Tv and hopefully an adoption advert will come up during the advertisements and you can adopt an animal. You!!! We fight for the right that animals may live to full expectation. Some of our animals With your help MOST PEOPLE WILL TEND TO DONATE AS THE ANIMALS MAY BE CUTE OR THEY LIKE IT! LESS PEOPLE WILL DONATE AS THEY DONT LIKE ANIMALS OR THEY DONT DONATE. OUR BALANCE BEAM
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