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Quality Assurance for the T&W Learning partnership

Presentation to Dep Nets / DLCs

Jeff Mason

on 4 July 2010

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Transcript of Quality Assurance for the T&W Learning partnership

Quality Assurance Simple, effective Quality Assurance systems that impact on the quality of all collaborative learning Externally Verified Self Evaluation Model Self evaluation part 1 initial audit, readiness & self-review tool RAG rating Self evaluation part 2 4 areas RAG rated Self Evaluation idation Validation visits
[x2] Part 1
Review of pre selected P1 evidence inc. Mandatory validation of section 3 - 'Support of Learner Progress'
Conversation with Snr. Manager around self evaluation evidence
Part 2
Joint lesson observation
Learner focus group
Further verification of evidence with snr. manager Impact and Outcomes IAG
Support for Learning
Learner guidance / support
Partnerships with employments
Health & Safety,Equal Opps. / Choice
Collaborative Working
Resources relevant
evidence based
learner focused Quality of Leadership & Management
Level of Learner Achievement
Quality of Learning & Teaching
Satisfaction levels amongst Leaarners and other stakeholders Part 1 &2 validation outcomes -
2 x Validation report
Verification of RAG rating and Action Points
(SEF relevance)
On-going process not just an 'event'
Learners and Learning at its
Rooted in effective partnership
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