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Skate boarding

No description

Ramsha Nasir

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Skate boarding

How to adopt a new sport Skateboarding Parents Dangers in skateboarding How to prevent injuries? Proper ways of skateboarding!!! Is it fun? Skateboarding in Maine East Skateboarding on smooth, level surfaces reduces the frequency of falls. Protective equipment such as proper shoes, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards can reduce the severity of falls and prevent fractures. A supervised skate park is the safest place for skateboarding, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Never allow another person to get on your skateboard with you. Keep yourself aware of your surroundings and avoid the use of headphones. Avoid skateboarding in dark areas and always study the route before you begin. If you trip because of a twig or rock or lose your balance due to an uneven surface. Avoid making jumps or high-speed moves if you are not experienced. If you do perform any tricks, only do so in a skate park that has monitoring and emergency medical care available. Never attempt skitching, which is a highly dangerous trick wherein skateboarders hold onto a moving vehicle for speed. Small details like getting comfortable, finding your stance, starting soft, hitting the pavement, pushing off, sharp turns, stopping, manuals, and small ramps matter a lot. A person should know where they're at with their skateboarding skills. They should know the basics of it and only try hard tricks if they are comfortable with it. Skateboarding should be an actual sport because it's as fun as basketball and as dangerous as football. Skateboarding is a way of life for some people and it relaxes them just like jogging does to some people. It's already considered as an actual sport in California. Boys like to skateboard because it's a way of expressing their selves. It should be made into an actual sport all over the US because from 2004 to 2006 there were 14,433,000 skaters in the United States. Skateboarding is fun! It's a good way to find your hidden talent. Some people don't know talented they are until they try to do new tricks on their skateboard. Some people skateboard to let their anger out while others skateboard because they're happy. It's a great way of life and it makes you feel special. If a person knows enough things about skateboard, they can coach it. Some of the Maine East students want skateboarding to be an actual sport in school. They think it's as good as any other sport and should be made into an actual sport. Maine East has some excellent skateboarders who are shy to show their talent or even talk about it. But if our school makes Skateboarding an actual sport they might come out and tryout for what it. Most parents don't want their kids to get hurt by skateboarding. They think that skateboarding is the most dangerous thing their kids could EVER experience. There are some parents who want their kids to be skateboarders because they know that it's not THAT dangerous. Jeff Stern, a 38-year-old father of three who grew up in West lake Village and now resides in Thousand Oaks, has started the California High School Skateboard Club. There are several risks associated with the activity because of the potential for collisions and falls. In 1998 study, 50.8 percent of the skateboarders suffered head injuries. Skateboarding injuries also resulted in the longest hospital stays. f you take risks and make moves beyond your physical ability and skill level, you are putting yourself and people in the vicinity in danger of injury.Fractures to the hands, legs and wrists are common during falls, especially when you are learning to skateboard. It should be an actual sport! Good way to pass time!! Skateboarding is a good way to pass time. Bill Ewe, a physical education teacher in southern New Jersey, approached the principal at the middle school where he works about adding skateboarding to the curriculum. Ewe argued with the principal and added Skate boarding to gym classes. Ewe also said, "The kids had a blast," and "A 42-minute class period was gone like that." If every high school add skateboarding to their gym classes, the students would have fun and something new to try. Growing popular Jeff Stern, the founder and president of the National High School Skateboard Assn., started with seven high schools three years ago and has 40 schools represented this season, and it continues to grow in participation and sponsorship. This was the South land at its best, kids 14 to 18 from seemingly every ethnic background showing the magic of what can happen when diversity and ingenuity converge. They came from Los Alamitos, Palm dale, Venice, Chats worth, Granada Hills, Santa Monica, Riverside and Long Beach to represent their high schools and compete as individuals in the fledgling National High School Skateboard Assn. Popular skaters!! Tony Hawk and Ryan Sheckler are two famous Skaters. They both love Skateboarding. Tony Hawk is an American professional skateboarder and actor. Hawk is well known for completing the first documented 900 and his licensed video game titles, distributed by Activision. Ryan Allen Sheckler is an American professional skateboarder and was the star of the MTV reality show, Life of Ryan. They both started when they were under 10 years old and turned their passion into their carrier. THE END!!! Mr. Benders thoughts
1. Prior to becoming a funded IHSA sport at a school, skateboarding must first develop in the form of club/activity. There are certain guidelines that must be followed. After two years as an established club, a group may petition to become a funded sport. Things that will be looked at include cost, facility space, does the IHSA recognize it as an emerging sport, are there teams in the CSL are there teams in the area, and the impact it might have on other sports. 2. For a guy like me yes! I believe that skateboarding presents certain hazards that can be minimized with the use of proper equipment, practice and training. 3. I would support it as a club. I am a proponent of getting kids involved in any extra-curricular activity in school. Research has proven that the more students are involved in athletics and activities, the better their grades will be!
4.I think the risks involve cost to participate (officials, uniforms half-pipe, transportation, uniforms) as they will not be funded. A second risk is that it is not recognized by the IHSA, which will make it tough to obtain competitions. Lastly, I would hate to ruin another sport that lacks participation by adding a new one.
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