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The Development of the Cold War

No description

Jeff Kinney

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Development of the Cold War

The Development of the Cold War Post WWII Eastern Europe US and Britain wanted self-determination
Soviets stayed in conquered areas
Greek Civil war
Truman Doctrine Truman Doctrine (1947) US would provide money to countries threatened by Communist expansion
Lesson from Munich Conference- stop the Soviets early
Policy of Containment The Marshall Plan (1947) "European Recovery Program"
$13 billion in aid
They believed that Communist aggression was successful in countries where there were economic problems. The Division of Germany German divided into 4 zones
Berlin deep in Soviet zone
Great Britain, France, and US combined the zones to create a West German government
Soviets opposed this- blockaded West Berlin
2.5 million people had no access to food
Berlin Air Lift
Berlin Wall
Spread of the Cold War 1949- Communists took control of China
1949- Soviet Union exploded atomic bomb
Arms race
nuclear weapons to prevent war- deterrence New Alliances NATO
US and allies
Warsaw Pact
USSR and allies
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Central Treaty Organization Cuban Missile Crisis
Vietnam War
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