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Romeo & Juliet 15 Day Lesson Plan

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Jackie Nordquist

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Romeo & Juliet 15 Day Lesson Plan

Students will participate in "4 Corners" (strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree)
The punishment for murder should always be death.
Teenagers can’t understand what true love really is.
Friends should stick together at all times no matter how wrong a friend may be.
Parents should make the decisions about their children’s lives.
It is possible to fall in love at first sight.
Telling lies or hiding the truth is acceptable for the right reasons.
Lesson Plan 1: Week 1
Lesson Plan 2: Week 2
Lesson Plan 3: Week 3
Overarching Understandings
Students will gain an understanding of William Shakespeare's play and why his work is still relevant today
Students will improve their critical thinking skills by looking at the text and applying understanding in multiple activities
Students will learn how to use research in real-world application in order to create an outreach program for their peers
Romeo & Juliet 15 Day Lesson Plan
Weekly Breakdown
Week 1: Introduction to Shakespeare and essential questions as well as goals for the unit.
* Assignments include: small group discussion/ whole class (Socratic Seminar) discussion on themes such as love, rebellion, friendships, violence, and identity etc.
Students will also write a soliloquy in the voice/ perspective of one of the characters
Summative Assessment
** Main focus is making the text relevant to students lives. My hope is that students will bring in their own experiences as well as experiences from the text to talk about issues facing teenagers today. This idea will run throughout my unit plan.
Why do we read Shakespeare? Is he still relevant to a 21st century audience?
What are some universal issues facing teenagers today and throughout time?
Essential Questions
Weekly Breakdown
Week 2: Will continue to focus on the essential questions/understandings. Week two will really draw out the issues presented in R&J that are still present today for most teenagers.
*Activities include: rewriting a scene from the play using today's everyday language and setting. Students will also critique their peers performances of scenes.
Weekly Breakdown
Week 3: Students will use knowledge and ideas on themes and issues facing teenagers presented from weeks 1 and 2 in order to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the unit.
This will be the summative assessment
Writing a Soliloquy
Scene Rewrite
Outreach Project/ Summative Assessment
*This will get student's discussing themes present in the play
I will then show students the balcony scene from Baz Luhrmann's contemporary rendition of R&J
Students will then write a prediction/ response to the question:
The last time these characters see each other, they are both dead
. How can this be?? Write your prediction for this statement. At the end of the unit we will revisit these predictions!
This question is confusing on purpose. My hope is this question will get students asking more question!
Soliloquy Continued...
Where this is going: Students will share their soliloquies with the class.
My hope is that this will get students critically thinking about the character's motives and reasons for why they act the way they do in the play
*students will see that Shakespeare's play is relevant to today's audience
Students will work in groups of 4 to create an outreach program for teenagers based off an issue/theme of R&J
Possible themes include: loss, rebellion, violence, parental authority, gangs, suicide, identity, love vs. lust, etc.
Romeo & Juliet Outreach Project

For your final project on the play Romeo & Juliet, you will be working in groups of 4 to create an outreach program for teenagers around the world. You will choose a theme/issue presented in the text that you see as relevant to teenagers today.
Your group will work together to create an outreach website/ social media campaign to help combat these issues. Your group will present and defend your website to a panel of people in our community. The panel will then choose one group’s website to publish and implement in the community!!
(I would like panel to include someone from Boys & Girls Club, school's principle, and someone from a crisis outreach program)

Overall Project Requirements:
• Pick an issue in R&J that teenagers face today. Your issue/theme must be approved by the teacher. No group will have the same issue/theme.
• Pick an appropriate name for your outreach program.
• State why this is an important issue facing teenagers today.
• Develop a clear and consistent message that aligns with the communities values.
• State what your program will do to help with these issues. Who will be involved with this program? How will you get your message out to people across the community?
• Each group will present a proposal letter. When your proposal is approved then you may start creating your website/media campaign.

Proposal Letter:
• Clearly state an issue that is presented in R&J. State why this issue is present in teenagers’ lives today.
• State the name of your outreach program.
• Come up with a clear statement and idea of how your program will help these teenagers.

** Use your notes and journal entries from the last two weeks to help you develop your outreach programs.

* This unit and project allows for cultural, social and self-exploration. Students will be able to bring in their own experiences as well as experiences from the text to talk about issues facing teens.
** By the end of the unit students will understand that these issues and themes are universal throughout time.
*** Presenting their Outreach Projects to members of the community, makes understanding relevant in a real-world context. Students will see that they can make a positive impact on members of the community.
Why do we read Shakespeare? Is he still relevant to a 21st century audience?
What are some universal issues facing teenagers today and throughout time?
Formative Assessments
Checks for understanding include:
class discussions
peer evaluations
student journals
graphic organizers
"chalk talks"
exit slips
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