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Making the ELPS- TELPAS Connection

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Angela Allen

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Making the ELPS- TELPAS Connection

Learning Targets
I can explain the close connection between the ELPS and the TELPAS.

I can describe ways to use the ELPS to teach and assess ELL's effectively throughout the year.
What are the ELPS?
What is TELPAS?
Federally required, state assessment that measures the annual progress that ELL's make in learning
Who are TELPAS raters?
Teachers trained to assess ELL's for TELPAS
Were approved by the State Board of Education in 2007-2008
Are part of TEKS state-required curriculum
require teachers to teach content area TEKS and help ELL's become proficient in English
are found at http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter074/ch074a.html#74.4
ELPS Components
a) Introduction
b) district responsibilities: linguistically adjust instruction based on student proficiency levels
and implement strategic interventions for beginning and intermediate students in Grades 3 and up
c)Student Expectations : Learning Strategies, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
d) PLD's : proficiency level descriptors

What are PLD's?
Proficiency Level Descriptors that describe each student's level of language acquisition in the domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

used for formative assessment and planning throughout the year
used as summative assessment in TELPAS

Making the ELPS- TELPAS Connection
Hicks Elementary
Fall 2017

Federally required instructional standards
Designed to ensure that ELL's are taught the
English needed for school purposes
The "how" of the the learning targets
What is an ELL?

English Language Learner
In other words,
YOU will be a TELPAS rater!
English Language Proficiency Standards
ELPS & TELPAS connection: the two are integrally aligned
Using the PLD's, teachers learn to make effective linguistic accommodations in class, which supports learning of academic content (TEKS) and learning of English language (ELPS)
Teachers internalize the PLD's so that they are able to
naturally and automatically
assess their students' English language proficiency during ongoing classroom instruction and in the Spring for TELPAS
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