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IM Chair Meeting part 2

No description

Campus Recreation

on 3 August 2018

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Transcript of IM Chair Meeting part 2

Pass-Only Flag Football
now open
closes: 2/23 @6pm
Outdoor Soccer
now open
closes: 3/1
Wiffleball Mini-League
now open
closes: 3/1
Sand Volleyball
now open
closes: 3/1
now open
closes: 3/1
Golf #4 @ Hidden Creek
now open
closes: 3/1

Last Day of B-Ball Regular Season:
Anticipated B-Ball Champ Night:
Ton of Captain's Meetings on:
3/15 (Tuesday)
Significant Dates
Last meeting's highlights
Upcoming registrations
Philosophical transition
The student perspective
Calendar planning
Q and A

Signing up teams
how to, philosophy, quality not quantity
Communication methods
Before play, during the game, afterwards
The future of IM Sports
New sports offered, possible sports/changes, Regional basketball tournament @ UofH
Last time on IM Sports...
Effective Communication
Last year: 4-on-4 Flag Football vs Delta Dunk Fest

T-Shirt designs

We need you!
A preemptive look @ the future
Fall 2015
Spring 2016

@ The last meeting we will present you with a calendar to provide perspective

Calendar Perspective
What are your thoughts?

Where do you need support from us?

Where do you need support from each other?

Go frogs!
Questions and Input
Intramural Sports
IM Chair Meeting part 2

Philosophical Transition
Full transcript