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Investigation report: Cup insulation

No description

lisa McTaggart

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Investigation report: Cup insulation

Conduct the Experiment
Collect your results
Share your findings
My Prediction
I predict that the insulating material will/will not keep the hot chocolate warmer because .........

Share your findings
The _____________________________(what were you testing) does/does not influence the ___________________________ (what you were measuring) of hot chocolate.
This happened because __________________________________________________________
How did your results compare with your prediction?
Which cup would be the best to keep hot chocolate warm?
Why? Which part of the investigation told you this?
What improvements could you make if you did this again?
Investigation report: Cup insulation
Will wrapping a cup in insulating material keep the hot chocolate warmer?
Materials Needed
three cups + 1 cup to cool thermometer
insulating materials: cotton wool, newspaper, bubble wrap, tissue paper, alfoil, glad wrap, etc.
time keeper
data collection sheet
measuring cup

This job done by the collector.
How would you do the investigation
Draw a labelled diagram of the investigation setup.

Fill in your data collection table.
Who will collect resources, speak to the teacher about problems and report back?
This will be done by the reporter.
Steps to follow
1. Collect materials
2. Cover 2 cups with insulation
3. Put cool water into a third cup
4. Measure the temperature of the warm water
5. Pour equal amounts into each cup
6. wait 5 minutes and then measure temperature
7. Record data on your table
8. Put thermometer in cool water
9. Repeat 6 and 7 after 10 minutes
10. What did you notice?
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