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MYP Personal Project Student Orientation

No description

mark newman

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of MYP Personal Project Student Orientation

A helping hand?
What could be

Fun at work
What skills could you share?
Where will I find support
along the way?

- weekly

The Library:
Mrs Glausen & Mrs Kandelaars

Personal Project

: Mr. Newman

Schoology, Parents and You
Contribute to your community
What does your child want to learn

Next step....
Identities and relationships
Orientation in time and space
Personal and cultural expression
Scientific and technical innovation
Globalization and sustainability
Fairness and development
Personal Project
MYP 5 - Grade 10

What is the Personal Project?

Participate in a sustained,
self-directed inquiry

Generate creative new insights and
develop deeper understandings
through in-depth investigation

Demonstrate the
skills, attitudes and knowledge
required to complete a project over an extended period of time

effectively in a variety of situations

responsible action
through, or as a result of, learning

Appreciate the
process of learning
and take
in their accomplishments

What is included?

1) Product / outcome

2) Process Journal

3) The report

Project Fair/exhibition

- A blog, document
- Students record { Managebac!
- Thoughts
- Ideas

- Inspirations
- Sources
- Meetings with others
- Time plans and actions

Find your PASSION and have Fun

People rarely succeed unless they have
fun in what they are doing - Dale Carnegie
Select a Global context

Students may consider the following questions as they choose a global context through which to focus their project.

• What do I want to achieve through my personal project?

• What do I want others to understand through my work?

• What impact do I want my project to have?

• How can a specific context give greater purpose to my project?
The Process Journal
The Product
Criterion & Grades
Assessment for the MYP personal project is criterion-related, based on four equally weighted assessment criteria.

Criterion A


Maximum 8
Criterion B

Maximum 8
Criterion C
Taking action

Maximum 8
Criterion D

Maximum 8

These are the same as all subjects across the new MYP as all criteria are out of 8, totaling 32.

Grade breakdown
1 1-5
2 6-9
3 10-14
4 15-18
5 19-23
6 24-27
7 28-32

Personal Project Criterion

Criterion A: Investigating
i. Define a clear goal and context for the project, based on personal interests
ii. Identify prior learning and subject-specific knowledge relevant to the project
iii. Demonstrate research skills.

Criterion B: Planning
i. Develop criteria for the product/outcome
ii. Plan and record the development process of the project
iii. Demonstrate self-management skills.

Criterion C: Taking action
i. Create a product/outcome in response to the goal, context and criteria
ii. Demonstrate thinking skills
iii. Demonstrate communication and social skills.

Criterion D: Reflecting
i. Evaluate the quality of the product/outcome against their criteria
ii. Reflect on how completing the project has extended their knowledge
and understanding of the topic and the global context
iii. Reflect on their development as an IB learner through the project.

CHALLENGING IS A MUST! No challenge, no learning, nothing documented

Set the criteria so the project is
enabling you to LEARN

Once agreed they can be REFINED along the way.

The criteria will
of your project upon completion.

Global Contexts
Global Contexts
The Report relies heavily on:

The ISZL template
A thorough Process journal
Source evaluations

See page 11 of the personal project guide for further details of this section
A good process journal is
key to gaining
a good result in the personal project.
The extracts will represent skills found
in the strands.

EG; communication, organisation,
research and thinking skills
Project Fair
Criterion B: Planning
i. Develop criteria for the product/outcome

ii. Plan and record the development process of the project

iii. Demonstrate self-management skills.
Extracts from the
process journal
Extracts from the
process journal
Extracts from the
process journal
the Product Success Criteria
Section 3
5-10 required
Product hand in dates
Students starting in April - End of October

Students arriving in August - End of April
The Report
The Product



Choosing a Topic
Developing The idea


inquiry question to guide the creation
What factors and strategies enable a performer to excel in a performance?
Sport and Leisure

To create various workouts and an information website for teenage girls to help promote healthy lifestyles both in and out of the gym
To create, design and research a platform for teenage girls to access relevant and topical healthy information toward leading a healthier life.
Currently under review
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