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RMS Mozart Samantha Creech

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Transcript of RMS Mozart Samantha Creech

A musical maricle On Jan. 27, 1756, a maricle was born in Salzburg. This young boy's full name was Jhannes Crystomus Wolfgangus mozart. thats a LLLLLOOOOOONNNNNGGGG name! 5 years Mozart composed at this early age 6 years Mozart showed the world his talent at this early age when he performed 10 years This is when Mozart wrote his 1st opra Part of Mozart's name, Amadeus, means of god. love Mozart's whole childhood was a quest for fame, so the boy was far in his musical cereer once he grew up. Adulthood Mozart wrote many fantastic peices, one famous nersery rhyme that he wrote was twinkle twinkle little star. He also wrote the magic flute and Fantasia in C minor. Mozart wrote operas, chamber music, orchestral music, as well as concertos. Mozart was incredable. He could write an entire peice, and perform it all on the same day! In Vienna Vienna was the cultural capital in Mozart's time. He stayed here for the last years of his life. On december 5th, 1791, a fevorish illness stole Mozart's life away, leaving us with an unfinished song to be compleated by his pupil. Mozart died without a wife or kids, but the composer will forever rest in the minds of music fans. He also played Piano and violin. The end!!! Mozart's dad was despret to show off his kid's talents, both Mozart and his sister Nannerl, so he set the kids off on a tour to travel Europe Fast fact: Mozart has WAY more talent than Amir will ever have!
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