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Expository--Reviving the Essay: Bringing Writing Back to Life for Students AND Teachers

Summer Trainings 2015

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Transcript of Expository--Reviving the Essay: Bringing Writing Back to Life for Students AND Teachers

Short lists of ideas to get your brain moving
and help you start writing!
Write down two things that really, REALLY annoy you...
Pet Peeves
When students don't turn in their homework on time.
When people smack their gum really loudly.
Where are two places you want to visit?
Going for a Visit
Phuket, Thailand
The Grand Canyon
Write down two things that you would like to know about.
I've always wondered about...
I've always wondered how space travel works.
I've always wondered how to make a guitar.
What are two things you need to buy at the store today or tomorrow?
Off to the Store
Toliet paper
What are two objects you can't live without?
Important Objects
my iPhone
Write about a time when you did something bad, but you didn't care!
No regrets
When I stole money from my mom's
purse to buy a new video game!
Write down three habits that you have that you wish you could change about yourself.
Something has to change...
I wish I didn't bite my nails.
I wish that I could study better.
for each prompt, write a short response.
Make sure your answer is specific.
I need to buy...
Number your paper 1-6. Use the sentence starters to
write one sentence for each number.
Without it...
This causes....
And so...
Share your
kernel essay
with your table.
Turn and Talk
Kernel Essay #1
Kernel Essay
Reviving the Essay
Bringing Writing Back to
Life for Students AND Teachers
Objectives--Session 1
Our Goals for Today...
Learn how to:
teach grammar without worksheets
guide revision without formulas
use technology without powerpoint
How can using the "Levels of Experience"
improve student writing?
Levels of Experience
Text Structures
How can using text structures and flipbooks help your students as they brainstorm and draft?
students know
= Authentic Writing
statements about life that are
true for almost everyone;
show us something true about the world
and how it works
Some people sacrifice a lot
for others.
If what you've written...
simply describes the picture...
tells people what to do...
Let's practice!
What do we do with truisms?
Pick one of the following:
Write about your favorite dessert.

Write about your favorite season.

Write about your favorite sport.
Which one is more effective?
Do you have a favorite dessert? Well, I do.
My favorite dessert is brownies. Now, I'm
going to tell you why I like brownies. There are
three reasons why I love brownies. The first
reason is the texture. The second reason
is the rich color. The final reason is the flavor that clings
to the roof of your mouth.
As I sit on my couch, watching TV, I start to smell something
heavenly. I turn around, "Hey, Kayla...what are you making?"I ask.
"Just brownies," she responds.
Brownies--crispy, gooey, warm, chocolatey brownies. There is nothing better in the whole world than freshly baked brownies.
As I pick one up, I can feel the warmth spreading across my hand. The brownie steams as I break it in half, and I see the chocolate frosting ooze like lava from a volcano.
I savor each bite and think, "Mmmmm.....brownies..."
Snapshot Leads
Imagination Leads
different ways to start a story
Describe a person, place, or thing that is important to your essay in some way.
You look up at the bully that hates your guts. You swallow, waiting for what he is going to do to you. When you get that feeling he is going to swing, you close your eyes and await your fate. You wait, and nothing happens; you open your eyes and there is your best friend taking the bully. He scares him away, and you know you have built a great friendship. Friendship can be the difference between a bad experience and a good one.

--Ayman Abusaif, 7th grade, Briarmeadow Middle
Imagine a world where everyone could be trusted. Where people could keep their promises and what everyone spoke was nothing but the truth. What a wonderful world that would be, but too bad that’s being optimistic. The truth is in the real world it is hard to trust people. At the end of the day
they disappoint you one way or another.

--Thelma Ayala, 7th grade, Briarmeadow Middle
This lead asks an open-ended question (That means it can't be answered with a simple yes or a no...)
You are a failure. Has anyone ever said that to you? Have you thought that about yourself? Get that out of your head.You have two choices in life. Failure or success. Failure is a common thing in life. But it is a great thing to learn from and
to think about. Everybody makes mistakes and that is something you can't prevent.

Jaquelin Mendez, 7th grade, Briarmeadow Middle
What struggles do our
students face with revision
and editing?
Leads that start with a detailed description of what you saw or heard in a specific moment
Question Leads
High above the windblown city, a drop of falling rain was caught by an icy blast and puffed into a feathery flake of snow. --Neal Shusterman
Slowly, carefully, the doctor took the stitches out of my hand, tugging at my skin until it came loose. The thread that was once keeping my skin together looked like a dark spider web as it lay on the tray. --Allistair M.
I was really excited when
my Mom bought me an iPad.
Where your feet were
What you saw
What you thought
= Ba-Da-Bing
I was standing in the Apple Store in the IFC mall when I saw my mom pull out her credit card, and I thought "I finally have one!"
Some helpful Truism starters are...
I've learned that sometimes...
I realized...
Not everyone...
Some people...
Let's Try It
Pick ONE of the following sentence
and make it into a Ba-Da-Bing!
I took a sick day.
I failed the test.
My grades are due.
I was standing in the hospital room, watching Johnny die, and I thought, "Please, anyone but Johnny!"

Who am I?
Exploding a Moment
How do you get students to add more details
without sounding lame?
How can ba-da-bings help
students organize ideas
and create better sentences?
Look for a specific moment in your story.
Write an entire page about that moment--even thought it may have lasted two seconds--in slow-motion.
Don't write big letters to fill the page.
Use your revision questions in your notebook for help.
Slow Motion Moment
students believe
Writing Across the Content Areas
Getting Students to Write in a Meaningful, Engaging Way
Choose a Historical Moment
The Election
The Invention
of the Light Bulb
The Assassination
of JFK
Signing of Declaration
of Independence
9/11 Attacks
Kernel Essay
a short, quick essay
to see if we have something
worth writing and a simple way
to organize our thoughts.
A Memory Reflection
Where were they?
(Thomas Edison)
(Benjamin Franklin)
(NYFD Fireman)
What happened first?
What happend next?
What happened last?
What they (or I) thought?
How can using kernel essays/structures
and flipbooks help students
when they write for your content area?
Look at the Science Fair
Project Abstract in your
How can using cubing help
your students write more
and write better?
Sentence Stems
Forming Interpretations:
What this means to me is...
I think this represents...
The idea I’m getting is...
One question that this text answers is... One question that this text addresses is...

I lost track of everything except...
I need to reread the part where...
I know I’m on the right track because...
A term or idea that was unclear to me was...

Revising Meaning:
At first I thought _____, but now I...
My latest thought about this is...
I’m getting a different picture here because...
I like/don’t like ____ because...
This could be more effective if...
The most important message here is...
One big difference between this and ___ is...
Reflecting and Relating:
So, the big idea is...
A conclusion that I’m drawing is...
This is relevant to my life because...
This author is trying to make me (see, feel, know, do) ...
It makes a difference that this text was written because...
Analyzing the Author’ s Craft:
An important for me is...
This word/phrase stands out for me because... I like how the author uses ____ to show...
How can using R.A.P.
and Sentence Stems
help your ELLs?
There are always consquences
to our actions.
The 11-Minute Essay
An insight about
life (truism)
One illustration (example)
from literature
One illustration
from a movie
An illustration
from history
I wonder...
The 11-Minute Essay
Exit Ticket
What's one thing you plan
on taking back to your classroom?
Today's Goal
Learn simple tips
to help students organize their
Like this
What are some challenges our students face when they write (high-stakes testing or otherwise)?
Cardboard Boxes
my car keys
I only hope...
Email us:
us on
"I heard this..."
Get 3 signatures from your listeners.
Find MANY more on pagres 145-165 in
The Story of My Thinking.
How do you get your kids to revise? What does revision look like in your classroom?
They're= THEY ARE

They're leaving.
(they are)
Let's try it out!
Write in your journal for five minutes.

Prove the STAR* POINT for
writing the proof above
Choose one:
Only those unwilling to take risks follow the rules.
Breaking the rules can have dire consequences.
The 11-Minute
Write your choice as the first line.

1. Explain this statement. What does it mean?
(1 minute)
2. How is that statement
true in a book/story?
(3 minutes)
3. How is that statement
true in a movie or tv show?
(3 minutes)
4. How is it true in
your own life?
(3 minutes)
5. Reflect on the statement.
Restate. Conclude.

(1 minute)
This lead asks your reader to imagine something
crazy, challenging, or strange.
Question Leads
"She washed my uniform nightly, took me to all my classes, coached me when I fought, helped me practice at home and always reminded me to brush my teeth before class."
What makes this sentence powerful?
Stick a
in it!
I like the beach.
I like the beach because of the warm sun, the crystal blue waters, and the white sand.
Because of its warm sun, crystal blue waters, and white sand, I like the beach.
Choose a sentence from
your essay and
Section 6
Nothing but Pitchforks!
"Like OMG,
he's, like, so cute, you know?
"If there was an Olympic contest for talking, Shelly Stalls would
win the gold

--Wendelin Van Draanen, "Flipped"
I'm so cool.
If there was an Olympic sport for being cool,
Mr. Briseno would win the gold.
If there was an Olympic contest for _______________, ___________ would win the gold.
Lesson 75
pg 184
Sentence Wringer
1. Statement (The PSST! test)
Please fill out your evaluations
3. How many (legal and illegal joints)
2. Verb (I ___, you ____, he ___s)
Capture video of your screen
and audio. Embed it in a blog or
share the link.
Free. Premium version is $15/year
(a STEAL!)
Adobe Slate
Create really simple and pretty
websites. The new book report.
Free. Only on iPad.
Game-based site that has
leader boards for teacher-made quizzes.
Free, FUN, and AMAZING!
Haiku Deck
Simple, clean, and elegant
presentations. SUPER easy to make.
Can be made online or on free Apps
for Apple and Android.
before you head home today.
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